Borrower took a picture of my ID

She asked to see my license for verification. Sure fine, no problem. She then snapped a photo of my ID without asking. I asked her what she had planned on doing with the picture of my DL. She told me that she does this with everyone in case there is a problem. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind not keeping it on her phone as my identity could easily be compromised if she were to lose her phone. We had some back and forth, but long story short she is keeping my ID on her phone. I walked out of the closing feeling uneasy. Curious to know what others would have or have done?


I’d walk out too. Then report it to the SS/Title company.

Hrrmm…not sure what I would have done; didn’t you see her lining up her phone to snap the pic? Couldn’t you react in time?

I, personally, might have involved the police. She snapped a pic of my ID without my permission (assuming you did not give permission - if you did that’s a whole different story) and she is now in possession of my PII without my consent. Reporting to title is a good idea but not sure what they’re gonna do with it.

This also brings to my mind the posts where I see the SS wants a copy of the notary’s driver’s license along with their application packet; they claim it’s so borrowers know who is coming to their door - well, that means they provide a copy of that ID to the borrower? Disturbing.


Good reason to give 'em a business card. In 25 years of giving them a business card, I’ve never had anyone ask for anything more. And if anyone ever did, I’d simply tell them my business card has everything they need to know.


I have a Business card that has my photo on it. The cards were designed & produced by me & if you want, I will share with you. This is given to every client when I meet them. It serves as my ID as well as advertising. I have never been asked to see my drivers License.


This is a great solution! Could you provide a copy o what your card looks like? I’m going to do this immediately!Thanks for your response!

Tam, , this site does not allow the upload of my card.
Send me a text to my cell of: 732.267.3917
I will then reply With my card.

I had that happen once in my 11 years in this business. I showed my DL, but when asked to have a picture snapped of it, I refused. We then had a long discussion. He said, “well, you’re taking a picture of mine,” to which I replied, “I’m not the one getting the loan.” Showing your notary license along with a DL should always be sufficient. We’re not the ones establishing our ID beyond the fact that we’re the notary commissioned to perform the closing.

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Snapping a picture of a driver’s license helps the notary keep records and also provide accuracy in journal entries. I only snap a picture of a driver’s license knowing the mortgage or title company require this for applications and settlement files. In my perspective, a Notary Public is representing the Government and may require a snapshot of current issued identification. It would be good if the Notary has security apps on their mobile phones. This way a client’s information is kept in strict confidence.

I would threaten her to walk out with Docs and then if that happened I would call the police for Identify “theft”
No doubt they can NOT take your picture with out your consent

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I would simply give them my card with photo and commission number on it and tell them I am background checked. I would not get my ID out. They have received your name in advance and they can always call the title company if they are confused or overly cautious.

This is why it’s good to have some sort of ID Badge as well as business card to give out. I would never show anyone my drivers license. I don’t even have it on me during a signing.

I don’t give my license to anyone. I hold onto it for them to see it, then return it to my wallet. I have a business card too, that I give to those requesting my ID. My notary information along with my picture can be found on, which I share with clients interested in knowing anything about me. They are welcome to look me up while I sit there for them to verify my identity. If she had taken a photo of my ID, I’m pretty certain I would have walked out of the signing with both sets of documents in hand then I’d call the company and let them know they will need to assign another agent, and the reason why. I would be so furious, I likely would have sat outside her house and called the police and waited for them so that they could go inside her home with me to assure my photo ID had been permanently deleted.

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I have made up my own business cards. The cards have my picture & commission information there.
I give every client one of them. That serves as my ID.

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That’s a good idea. What information do you put on your business card?

Yikes! I had a similar situation many years ago when a borrower insisted that they be able to take a picture of my drivers license. I kindly replied that since I was requesting to look at their drivers license they could look at mine but I would not allow them to take a picture of it. I held it in my hand and did not allow them to touch it, just look at it. I told them everything they needed to know about me was public information, as I handed them my business card, and they could google me. For whatever reason that seemed to satisfy them. It has never happened to me again. I hope this information helps.

If you hand them a business card as you arrive, I don’t think anyone would want another ID, I don’t even have my DL with me–it’s in the car, so, if they want something else (never had it happen), google my SOS or call title…but, if really pushed hard, yeah, I’d have no problem SHOWING it, but nobody’s taking a pic or making a copy. I would hope the matter would be resolved as I’d truly hate to ‘threaten’ leaving without completing the signing. A side note to this is that some hiring parties want your photo to provide to the borrower prior to the Appt. I think this ‘policy’ would tend to create more suspicion than it solves.

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I agree! We are background screened and insured and they are not! I would not allow it.
But I think I put the clients at ease by immediately showing my ID batch that has my DL inside when introducing myself at the door.

Darn, wish I would have thought of that before I ordered my cards! Makes total sense!