Borther 5200/6200 printer wireless problems

I recently figured out why many of us can’t get the wireless connectivity to work with our Brother 5200/6200 series printers. The WiFi client in the printers follow the now ancient 802.11 b/g WiFi protocol standard, a standard that is now over 15 years old. in summary, these 802.11 b/g/ clients have been vanquished to the obsolete bin.

Today’s current WiFi standard is now Generation 6. This means if your WiFI Access Point, aka wireless router, is operating on the newer protocol standards, the 802.11 b/g client in theses printers won’t connect.


Excellent info! Thanks for posting it, Riverpointe Tax. :pray::sparkles:

It is so strange and coincidental you posted this. I was having literally the same exacte problems with my 5200 and spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to get it connected (it never uses to have any problems, ever). Immensely helpful and TIMELY post.

I discovered today that the Epson ES 500 (wireless) scanner also uses the 802.11 b/g protocols.

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Interesting, thanks! My wireless conn worked well for months, for my 6200DWT, and then suddenly stopped at very inopportune times. I recently switched to a wired/USB connection, and it works fine so far.

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i know i had the same problem with my 6200.

Keep in mind that the Brother WiFi adapter uses WPA2- PSK as it’s encryption protocol. This standard is considered legacy, having been hacked years ago. Today we’re using Gen 6 WiFi technology that very few office devices are up to.

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