Bouncing back!

Well! I am going to bounce back! Life is full of challenges and being a Notary is no exception.

On YouTube university you will find hundreds of clickbait topics! ie…make 2k in one week or this or that signing service will pay $$$. Buyer Beware!
Though it is possible to make a decent living. The reality sinks in within 24 hours that it’s not that easy.
Whether you are in this for the long haul or just wanting live in the fantasy.
The fantasy dies and the reality will always live.

You must have the core ability to bounce back. If you are seeing this as a way to build longevity in a business that will help add finances to your life. Great! Build a business plan and see it through…along with mountains of other things, like LLC, tax, accounting, attorney, insurance, expenses, but I digress…

You will mess up.
You will burn a bridge or two.
You will get burned.

But in the end it’s the ones that bounce that go higher.

It’s all in the attitude and whether you can learn from your mistakes.


It always comes back around, you just have to keep a health portfolio with new signing companies being added all the time. Just don’t give up!