Brother ADS-1700 W


I know there are mentions of this mobile scanner and I have purchased one. I am not tech savvy at all. I have tested it with 5 page document and emailed it to myself. Is this correct? When I scanned each document I then had to select each individual document and sent them all at once, however, with a larger scan…is it possible to put this in a folder all together…and this from a mobile device…Iphone to be exact. If anyone would even have a chance to give me a call, that would be so helpful.

989-667-9032 or

Thank you

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Thank you for the phone call🙂 I am all set now!

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I have this same scanner & i am not tech oriented (or knowledgeable) Mine remains in the box it was shipped in as i haven’t the confidence to jump in and use. I would love any practical advice about using this particular mobile scanner. thanks

Hi, too have this scanner and if you download the brother iPrint&scan app, you can scan a whole package(you can only do about 20 pages at a time) and it gives you the option to add to the scan-then I save to PDF and open in Adobe app cloud and can then send or upload. It is super fast, just doesn’t take many pages at one time. I do like that I can fold it down and put it away-my desk seems to accumulate clutter every day :wink: but it does work well. I use a scanner app on my phone if it’s less than 10 pages, but have successfully sent +120 pages with the Brother ADS

Thank you for the responses🙂 this scanner has to be plugged in to a power source to? When I bought it I thought it would be something I could take with me in the car……but I had to purchase an outlet adapter to use in the car and then it still would not work😞 it kept telling me the password, on the bottom of the printer, was incorrect. Ugh, I ended up sending it back……I panicked, LOL

Aw, I know……I ended up sending my scanner back.