Brother printer 6200

i’m having a problem with my printer putting a black wheel like line on the right edge of my paper. any suggestions. i tried to cleaning all the rollers.

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Change the drum … I’m getting that too and my printer has been telling me to change my drum for two years now…lol … I don’t use it for any business dealings so I don’t really care, but yeah - change your drum


Hi Virginia! Yes, could be a drum issue. Here’s what Brother says about “black or colored vertical lines or streaks on printed pages”

I would change the drum to see if that resolves the print issue.
Good luck!

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Each time you change your toner, have you been cleaning the drum wire per the directions on the Brother toner replacement box?
You didn’t mention if your buy original Brother products or off-brand toner and drums. Personally, I only buy Brother products. I had too many issues with off-brand items from LD Products. I used LD Fall 2021 and I ended up with toner everywhere. It wouldn’t bake into the paper and there was smeared toner dust on the loan docs. Needless to say, there is still toner dust in the printer, even though I have cleaned it repeatedly.

@richlandmobilenotary You may find it helpful to purchase a can of compressed air => available in most office supply stores for cleaning keyboards, etc.

After taking your printer outside & removing the paper trays, unleash the compressed air on the printer innards. This should clear out any residual toner dust for you.


Be sure to blow out your printer outdoors or some other ventilated are, away from furniture and clothing and while wearing a mask and safety glasses. The toner tend to go everywhere, including your lings and eyes.