Brother printer says offline

My brother HL6200DW says offline on my laptop but is connected to network. It was fine now I am having this problem. Does anyone know Brother support number? I am so frustrated I am gonna cry😭

If you attempt to send a print job does the printer “wake” up and print? Have you checked to ‘sleep’ mode on the printer’s settings menu?

Thank you for your response!! Printer is in deep sleep. On hold with Brother now.

Just make sure your computer or laptop are connected to your internet provider via modem.

Brother technical support

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I have that same model and it happens every so often (seemingly random offline status). I have found that restarting the printer (manually switching it off, waiting a few seconds and switching it again) fixes the problem almost every time.

There are a lot of variables in any computer setup that can stop a computer (or phone) from “seeing” a printer. Yesterday, mine stopped working because a new router/modem (that I got from the cable company) wasn’t seeing the printer, which I have set up on Wi-Fi. I had to go through the Wi-Fi setup again (I had to enter my Wi-Fi network name and password, by entering it on the printer), which all was actually quite easy, because Brother has a video on YouTube that showed me exactly what to do.

My point is: something like offline status can come up fairly often, and it’s usually pretty easy to fix, and the answer can usually be found in a fairly short time by searching around online in general, and on YouTube in particular. Knowing this can often save you lengthy calls to Brother support. All the best!

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