Business Cards

How do you all feel about business cards? Do you use them? Who do you use them with? Are they worth it? Or do you rely solely on signing up with services.

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I got business cards done, and is an investment and an introduction of who you are, what you represent and that you’re seriously in business… my personal opinion.
I have had clients that after a signing asking me if I do other notarizations that they might be interested… and more than half have called me.
My cards have the basic info, name, telephone number, email and my notary commission number.

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Business cards are a must for general notary work and for networking your signing agent business. The key is knowing when to give them out and when not to. Most business cards end up in the trash if not used properly.

I went with Vistaprint first time around. The cards tend to bleed. My next batch will be through which I’ve used in the past.

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I always went through Vista Print…never had bleeding issue


I have mine done with Zazzle, as other previous cards I had done (I’m a Workers’ Compensation Specialist) and their cards never bleed. Might be a little bit more expensive than Vista, but excellent quality.

I have a concern when I saw a signing agent put her business cards on the table while performing closings for the title company. So what is everyone opinion on placing business cards on the closing table while closing at a title company to advertise for business or have some post positive feed backs on the internet.

I don’t place them at the table, but many times they ask about my notarial services and then I hand them my business cards… and let me tell you, some have called me to go to their houses and perform notarial jobs for them.

I have them they do come in handy i have gotten private signings several times and I only paid 10 bucks for 50 cards at office depot.

I had cards made while waiting for my commission, and since then have received the commission.
Since at the time, I didn’t have my number, should I chuck those and get new ones made with the commission number? Also, what about putting “Bonded & Insured” on it as well?

Sorry for the delay answering… just got to read it :see_no_evil:
No! Keep those cards, and next time put the extra info. You can use those cards by giving them to people you get across, while doing signings, your hairdresser, anyone you meet in person and and want to let them know that you can do any kind of notarizations. Remember, companies that hire you for loan documents signings, they go to National Notary Association, Notary Cafe, Notary Rotary, among others, to look at your credentials.