Business for 2021 still VERY SLOW!

I know everyone has been saying business is slow recently, but I have been SO slow, that as much as I love this job, I am seriously ready to walk away from it! I have only had 73 signing this year! I am okay with 2 or 3 per week (1 per day is better) but July (4) August (9) Sept (3) and so-far Oct 2.

I know some of it may be that I limit the mile distance,
1, I have certain areas that I will not travel to. (Seattle/Tacoma/ etc)
2, I do not do signings after 6 pm (even earlier as it gets darker earlier)
3. I will not take signings that require my to go 2 hours out of my way to drop the docs at title
4. I will not take the Ferries to the Islands for signings.
5. And I refuse to take the LOW-BALL offers the signing agency are try to push on us lately… (if I counter offer I do not even get a reply back
These things did not seem to be an issue before, but they sure are now for some reason. I do have another business so I guess iit is time to put more of my effort into it again.

If you read back through this forum for the past 12-15 months you’ll have your answer - there are any number of new folks who WILL do it…and cheaper. Hence your business is down. Supply and demand - and the supply of new signing agents has exploded.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. To this day, in reading this forum, I am thankful that my Plan B worked.

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Don’t give up. Keep digging! You are only 10 feet away from gold! Yes do your other job but also continue doing your loan signing business. Loan Signing Business is the easiest and the best job in the world in my opinion. You can easily make as much as a doctor or a lawyer!
I brought up the “10 feet away from gold” because, there was a true story in Think and Grow Rich book about a father and son gold mining business back in 1800s. They were digging for gold. They spent money on decent equipments and were working very hard. They were digging for a couple years and no gold! Then they finally gave up hope and sold there mining claim cheap. Another family came along and bought it. They were digging and digging and just 10 feet down below their feet, they found a mother load! First family did not persevere and lost what they have worked so hard for! Just like anything in life you must persevere to be successful.



I am a fairly new signing agent. I have only gotten 3 signings since June. Seems like as soon as I respond available, the order has already been filled, even if I respond within a few seconds. Is there a program that allows bots to respond so quickly?

You need to take steps to increase the number of your customers. You need to constantly develop your business, and it will be successful.

Great times are here and are coming as well!

You need to take steps to increase the number of your customers. You need to constantly develop your business, and it will be successful. About a year ago, my business was stagnant, and new clients were not coming to us. In fact, even the old customers had left for the competition. I decided to rethink my business strategy and expand my customer base with Thanks to which my business still brings me good money was a good idea.

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