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I received an email from They advertised a free Life-Time account with a one time setup fee of $5. I’ve read several posts on Notary Café about various services and I think the general consensus is to stay away from paid signing services. I am wondering however, has anyone worked with them before? The site looks official, although not the greatest quality UI. I’ve searched for multiple notaries using their listings and they all come up with the matching information on other sites (ei Notary Cafe, 123Notary, Keller Williams) . It seems like a good deal, that is if lenders/title agencies actually use this site.

I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank y’all for your time,


First, it’s just another Directory. They do not hire notaries. Stick with the tried and true…like Notary Café.

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Oh I see. That makes sense. Thank you!