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I recently signed on to the Notarygo platform. My profile progress shows that I am missing 1 required document. A Business License. I am in aware of any Loan Signing Agent requirement to have a business license in California. Anyone else experience this? Am I miss informed?

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Sure they don’t mean your Commission?

Yes I uploaded my commission and they accepted it

Could they mean, perhaps, a “license” to operate a business in the State (not specifically a Notary Public busness)? The State of Florida does not require a “Business License” for Notaries. The commission serves that purpose. But some county governments may require a "business tax receipt"license, as does my county. It’s more about “tax collection” than anything else as that license is normally issued by the county “Tax Collectors” office. Notaries don’t collect tax (nor remit it to the county) so it’s moot for us.

It’s weird, though. When I was having my struggles with Google getting my business page recognized, one of the last things they asked for was a copy of my “business license.” All I could give them was the business tax receipt issued by my county. Not good enough for them. They needed something issued by the state govt. What got me over the Google threshold was giving them the URL that points to my on-line listing as a Notary with the Dept. of State. Apparently, that’s all they needed.

I believe it’s just extra You don’t have to have all of those extra requirements on the notary go platform unless your state requires it.

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Hi. I’m still a newbie trying to get my ducks in a row, administratively, so I’m just here to chime in with my two cents.

I am in Southern California. Los Angeles “County.”

I called my local “city” office and specifically asked “As a Notary Public, do I need a business license in order to conduct business?”

Answer: “If you are working out of your home, as a Notary Public, then yes, you would need a license. The license is needed for running a business out of your home. Please visit our website or register in person. The cost is $70.” :woozy_face::woozy_face:

So, in addition to being commissioned by the Secretary of State, I also need a license from the city to run my business from my home. ($70) On top of that, I need to register with L.A. County for my DBA. ($38) With the DBA, I need to run it in the newspaper for 4 weeks ( $50-$100), depending on the newspaper you use. Oh but wait. If I want to go LLC, that’s another $70 with the State, who also says I need a registered agent, which is another $50.

So, the answer to your question. Check, check and double check with whatever “city” you live in within your “County.”

Los Angeles County alone boasts 10 million people strong.
Each sub city within the county has their own set of rules.

** PS** For clarification, I am not running a business from my home where there’s customers showing up at my door etc (NEVER!)… it’s just the fact that you call yourself a"business" is how they get you…

So, it’s not the “State” that requires the " business license", it’s the city in which you live or are operating your business in that requires a " business license"

Just my two cents!

Concur :100: percent​:exclamation: As often advocated within the forum, the onus is upon each individual (business owner) to perform due diligence. This demeanor will prove to be of great assistance and insight as each year progresses.


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Thanks for all the replies. Appreciate it

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