Business Name Change

I recently changed the name of my business due to the negative reviews received from another business in the same state with a like name.

My business name was, “Kelly Mobile Notary & Signing Service”. The other business (also located in Texas) is something to the effect of Kelly (or Kelley’s) Mobile Notary. Being new to the business world, I did not know or think to look for local notary business with like names before naming my business.

I am located in San Antonio, TX. If you searched Kelly Mobile Notary, negative 2 star reviews and these from Notary Cafe would show up right under me in Google. I just started my company in Oct 2023. I am blessed to have 15 reviews which are all 5 stars. I felt that people weren’t calling me because of the other company’s bad reviews and practices.

My new business name is “KMN Honorable Signatures”. It’s a play on words because I really didn’t want to give up my name. Two weeks later and I still have to do updates. Lots of work but well worth it!

This one of the hazards of picking business name. Having your name as part of your business name can also create hazards as anyone can setup a notary business for the purposes of scooping your clients, or defaming your reputation.

My company names don’t have my ‘name’ in them. I’ve also copyrighted my company names to prevent mis-use.

BTW I’m just north of you in New Braunfels.