Business slowing down?

How is everyones New Year as far as being called or prompted to do signings. Has anyone noticed a slow down since rates increased?

January is usually a “slower” month, however I personally have had signings every day this week (except for Monday which was a holiday for most mortgage and title companies) and I already have signings scheduled for next week.

It really depends on a lot of factors - your area, the number of notaries in your area and your “ranking.” I personally tend to stay pretty steady no matter what, but I know other notaries who feel like things are slow when business is the same for me.

I am super slow! This is crazy…I am actually looking for a part-time job just to keep income coming in.

I am also, zero so far this month, thanks Ms Lewis for an encouraging word!! I’m south of Houston!


Hopefully we will all see some increase soon! Use this slow time to market to title companies and other people in the real estate industry, I’ve been focusing on that myself for the past few days!