Buyer and Seller at table

I have a signing tomorrow and it is the first time I will be sitting down with the buyer and seller there together. From a phone conversation with the seller, they know each other. Any advice?

My only advice is, first, breathe. You will do this

In this situation, I sign Seller package first then ask them to excuse us while Buyers and I handle their loan package … The Buyers financial transaction is not the Seller’s business. Then make sure each side gets a copy of the CD and Buyers get a copy of everything, including g a copy of the deed of conveyance. Sellers should get a copy or f everything they signed.

Good luck

P.S. Make sure you have witnesses available if needed

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That is great advice about excusing the seller after she is done signing. I hadn’t thought of that but it makes complete sense. The property is in CA so no witness needed.

Thank you Linda! I will make it my mission to pay it forward and answer a few beginner’s questions this week :wink: