CA Quitclaim Deed question

I have a quitclaim deed signing tomorrow morning and I’m not sure what is wanted on a page called “Instructions for Deposit of Deed.” It has a signature line with the grantor’s name printed below it and to the right it has a signature line that says, “Party Executing Document” below it. I would naturally assume the grantor would sign the line above his printed name, but exactly who should sign the line to the right as the party executing document? It seems like it would be the same as the other (the grantor), but seems odd for them to ask him to sign in both places.

Also, below that there is a signature line with the name of the grantee printed below it and to the right another line that has “grantee” printed below it. Obviously, the grantee would be the one to sign both lines but it just seems redundant. I’m wondering if maybe the printed names should have been ON the lines to the left and their signatures would be applied on the lines to the right. If so then maybe it was just an error in doc preparation?

In any case, this is the first time I’ve seen a form laid out like this and it is doubtful I will reach my client that early on a Saturday morning to ask. I did email them but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

If anyone has any experience with this or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

When in doubt always reach out to title company or title. Rule of thumb if signers name is already on it then have them sign only where there name appears. If there are two notary spots it also indicates that the other portion in question will be signed and notarized later by another party. One more dintvmake sure your notarizing for only the signer you have met and collected if from. If any questions call signing company that hired you and most likelyvtheybwill call title or have you call title to verify. Excuse typos if any I’m responding while driving.

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These issues always seem to come up after hours.
OP did the right thing by reaching out to title, unlikely that it is she’d get a response in time.
Logic would indicate the grantor and party executing are the same. Might be for multiple grantors or might be a formatting error (Word docs often overflow unexpectedly).
In any case, if you have a question and don’t get an answer from title in time, here’s the solution:
Print two copies of the document in question. Have the signer sign as grantor on the first and as grantor and executing party on the second. That way one or the other will be done correctly and title will be satisfied.


Thank you for your response. I did reach out to title with no luck, but I did exactly as you suggested and sent both copies with a note of explanation. Hopefully one of them was done correctly. :slight_smile: Again, thank you for taking time to give some input.

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No news is usually good news! As you submitted a document for each scenario, that should satisfy their requirement one way or another. :smile: