California Journals

I’ve now had 8 signings, in 1 week, and have had 2 with Refi’s with a trust (13 entries for EACH signer. So, if it’s a husband & wife, do the math!). So, I’m wanting to buy a new journal. However, NNA’s prices are high and the California journals that I’ve seen are downright boring! Any suggestions? Amazon has other states, but I can’t find CA’s.

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I went to Amazon’s website and typed in Notary Public Journal California and few came up. I’m from CA also and you’re correct NNA is pretty expensive. Amazon’s was about $10-$20 bucks. Of course, they have higher price journals. Hope this helps.

Nothing wrong with this post; this site does not offer this service and Amazon certainly doesn’t hire notaries…should not be flagged or deleted - this is a good lead.

I’m curious about a journal being “boring.” What makes one exciting (other than full of entries?)

The Centerfold, silly