CALIFORNIA NOTARIES, Matt Miller needs your support

This morning I received this report on the GOGETFUNDING status, and it is not nearly sufficient to help Matt reach his goals of stopping RON from getting a foothold in California.

Please open up your wallet and make a donation today. Matt is contributing hours of his time and his own money to fight for our livelihoods. Matt will continue the fight to protect notaries and the public at large from predatory tech companies weakening the office of notary public. Thank you for all of your continued support. If you would like to join Matt on Friday, please PM him. The more the merrier. If you cannot attend but would like to support, you may do so on our Go Get Funding page.

Let’s mobilize and help him to help keep RON from being approved in California. There are over 160,000 notaries in CA. Not all are NSA’s but there are a good amount who are. Please make a contribution today.

The challenge to beat this cause is still very much present. Please help Matt today.

Dear Cheryl,

There’s been activity on a campaign you’re following. Here’s an overview:

Amount donated in last 24 hours: $15.00

New campaign total: $1,395.00

Number of new backers: 1

Total backers: 30

To see more details, please visit the campaign page:

Kind Regards,

The GoGetFunding Team
For every cause and dream, GoGetFunding

This isn’t just a CA thing. The big tech co. behind this has very deep pockets and is pushing RON nearly everywhere (coming to your state soon–just watch). RON got turned down in CA recently, but I’m sure they’ll be baaack. In the meantime, they’ll be pushing in other states. In this cause, Matt has acquired many alliances who are also in opposition to Remote Online Notarization. It’s a national fight. Help Matt stand up for notaries everywhere.

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