Calling the Notary Platforms

Hello all, And Happy Friday. I get a lot of notices from a specific platform for signings in areas that I live and work am extremely close. Unfortunately, I never get those. Would it be out of line for me to contact those platforms and request they give me some of those signings, or is that frowned upon. It is very frustrating to see these signing pass me up, when I am so close to the location. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks and have a great weekend.

What do you have to lose that you aren’t already losing? However, the decision of who to hire (or not) rests with the hiring party–not the platform they use.


“Please provide me with some loan signings. It is evident that there are numerous highly skilled notaries in your area, all of whom are listed on that platform. I’m curious to know if the platform offers a fee. If they do, then they filter the responses by experience.”


You have to remember, the platform doesnt choose who is hired for a job. Each signing service is the one who chooses. Messages are in most cases not sent to all notaries at one time. They are often staggered. There are a lot of factors that come in. Notaries with more experience who have worked for the service before may often times be chosen before someone they haven’t worked with before. It’s rough out there right now at times. Many new notaries are jumping into this after falling for the promises of the 6 figure ads. Many new notaries also end up disappointed when it’s not what they were lead to believe. At this point, there are many more notaries than available jobs.


@jennifer.shaffor Accurate! :thinking: Thank You for confirming from your perspective that I & other sages have shared over the past few years . . .

In general, they’re selling the ‘sizzle’ and definitively NOT selling the Steak!


Also, success (or not) is HIGHLY dependent upon the location/region of the US for their home base. It’s a really GOOD idea to Research the “Find a Notary” segment of this website for the existent saturation in one’s current region.

Here’s an image of that component of the Notary Cafe navigation ribbon:

Remember to access the EXPAND section for defining additional details:


If you’re on Signing order, for example, and you say you’re available I usually call the company after I’ve said yes and ask to be assigned. You have to sell yourself a little, but I’ve never had anyone get upset for calling. If it’s a company I’ve already worked with I usually don’t call them because they’ve already marked me preferred. There’s only been one Signing company that specifically asked me not to (Unlimited ink NOTARY) also, before you accept, you can make sure of the companies name and phone number. If they don’t include a phone number, you can Google the company and call them.

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