Can a notary witness and notarize the same document?

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I am a New York notary, and I’ve been approached by numerous signing services to act as a witness for the documents I notarize. When two witnesses are required, I’m asked to bring a second witness as I serve as the first one :thinking:. This made me uncomfortable :roll_eyes:, so I took it upon myself to educate and familiarize myself with the notary laws of each state before providing my signature. Upon my research, I found that the states of Connecticut and Florida were clear in their regulations. Still, other states such as California, Oregon, and Texas have not provided any specific rules :worried:. I’m feeling quite discouraged and would appreciate some advice.

In PA, the notary can not witness on the same document being notarized.

I require two witnesses for those situations and push back when Title tries to force the issue.

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The issue is whether you can be both the individual who verified the signer using adequate proof and the observer who witnessed them signing. It appears logical, right? I believe the complication dates back to historical times when the person receiving payment (notary) may now have a financial stake, whereas the witness does not.

Usually you are only there because you were hired by a Title company or one of their notary vendors. They will advise on how to proceed.

Unfortunately, things don’t work smoothly with signing service or title, they get annoyed and frustrated with me, and tell me I shouldn’t have accepted in the first place. I try my best to work the situation but I hate to keep dealing with it.

I agree with you! sometimes I deal with people who don’t think logically and lack common sense

In Texas anyway - The way I understand this is that if you don’t have to notarize the witness signature then you may act as a witness. You can’t notarize your own signature obviously. Texas SOS (at least who I spoke with) confirmed this to be the case.