Can a signing Co on Snap Docs remove you

I believe that this has happened to me with C2C. About 2 months ago, I accepted an assignment from C2C with intent of negotiating a higher price. C2C would typically call me within minutes of accepting an assignment (if they chose me) to discuss more details, This is where I negotiate and they decide if they want to assign me. No callback from C2C, no feedback whatsoever. I eventually had posted my counteroffer on the C2C assignment portal on Snapdocs. This got their attention in which C2C called me back, the representative called back seemingly offended that I had posted my counteroffer on SnapDocs. I explained that I never got a callback with details and such. This representative continued his frustration, stating that there are notaries all over my area who would take the job. Told him, great, you can call them for that price. Before rudely hanging up on me, he stated that he would remove me from C2C for any future assignments.

I had reached out to Lisa about this unprofessional incident from her staff. Lisa was willing to talk to me over the phone, we discussed in a professional matter and I found Lisa to be empathetic to this situation on my part. I explained that I wouldn’t want to be removed from C2C, but conversely, if this is how her staff will treat NSA’s, then by all means, remove me and retrain the staff. I got the vibe that I wouldn’t be removed, but to date, no requests from C2C have been sent to me. I’m going to safely assume that I was removed from C2C, which is fine. I don’t need to put up with an irate representative like I did in this profession. Lisa is great to talk to on here and over the phone, but her staff on the other hand should remove that pedestal that they have placed themselves upon.

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Lisa is a wonderful person C2C is too the people who are working over there have a stressful times too and when you post something on snapdocs then they have to stop all the work and call you they have to put all the ducks in a row before they put a call to you because then they have everything in front of them if you want to discuss something you could have called do not take it personally TWO THINGS TO REMEMBER GUYS THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS AND NOT FOE SECONDLY If you make little less money fine but you are getting business

To each his own. I posted my comment on Snapdocs to get some clarification since they did not communicate the supposed assignment properly. Me commenting on Snapdocs clearly got their attention in which communication was then immediate. The representative took my Snapdocs posting PERSONALLY, not me. What I addressed here was the rep’s unprofessional reaction with me and a possible removal from their database because of it.

that is very interesting, I dont think any one feels they are on a pedestal, but I do hope that I handled the call well.
please call me again so I can review your profile.
so sorry for the trouble

just give me a call 909-525-8221

Which company did this to you!?