Can a signing Co on Snap Docs remove you

Can a signing company remove you from all their signing requests that are sent out to all notaries?

Any particular co. can ‘rank’ you as they see fit–and you’ll never see it or know. This ‘ranking’ is visible to all other companies and up to them how to handle it. How SnapDocs does this is a closely held secret, but I doubt that any single co. can totally remove you (if that’s what you were asking). Fact is, notaries don’t know how this actually works, so take my reply with a grain of salt…or the whole box.

had a great relationship with a particular company through Snap Docs and when I questioned whether I might ever get paid, the owner was very defensive. I apologized telling her I did not mean to accuse her of anything. I thought we ended on a good note with her sending me a screenshot of a review from my last signing…it was a very positive one.

I have not seen a request from this company for weeks and I use to get several a day. Matter of fact ,I am getting very few lately. Just was curious if she as the capability to remove me from her company.

Thanks for your response as I sometimes get so frustrated!!


I very seldom take a job through Snapdocs because of low fees. However, I reply to about 99 of 100 requests. I was recently deactivated. When I emailed to find out why I was told that several companies said that I was inactive. They never even notified me that I was deactivated and said that Snapdocs had no control over deactivation

problem with Snapdocs is that the platform is one sided. Us Notaries cannot put comments in. The companies can remark on anything & we are not allowed to see or comment on them. I for one, have removed myself from snapdocs about 2 years ago.

Hello, a signing co can remove you from their “own” searches, but not SD as a whole. Every signing co has their “own” lists and it draws from all signing agents on SD as a whole.
The ranking and the notes put one every signing agents profile are viewable to all companies who view them.
But its a 0-5 scoring. The 5 is the best, if you have been removed from signing even at no fault of yours will reflect in this rating. C2C does not agree with this since in most cases it has nothing to do with the signing agent.
If anyone wants to know their score, email me and I will email notes and scores. Signing companies certainly get rated and signing agents get to see what is said. Its only fair for a signing agents to see the good and bad.
I will send a screen shot if you want


Appreciate your comments on this topic. Particularly interesting is the fact that if you were ‘removed’ from a signing, it’s considered as the notary’s fault. That really is astonishing to me as I’ve been ‘removed’ from a signing for any number of reasons that I rarely even know. The few times I do know, it’s because I found out during the confirmation call to the Borrower that they cancelled the loan or are unavailable on that date, time or location. What possible reason could there be to be ‘cancelled/faulted’ BEFORE you’ve even started? Glad to hear that at least one signing service recognizes how unfair that is.


true, but the signing agents have a lot of platforms to comment on … and people read them… like this one :slight_smile:

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I looked at your profile Joni,… it showed you inactive. not sure why?. you have some great feedback from many companies.
You have 4 positive comments and 1 negative. so your rating is not as good as it should be. I added a very good comment as you have done so well for us. Once I added a positive comment… you were not inactive any more… not sure what that is.

I saw your SD profile, and its a good one… you should be proud :slightly_smiling:
Lisa Bittner

I hope you start getting offers, I sent you a note Joni

Hi Lisa, I really appreciate your help on this matter! I thought there was something not right but as we know, notaries do not have access to there rating or to see if they are inactive.

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I would say yes. Its the same if you don’t want to sign for a particular company, you can remove them from your list.

You should not of asked the question you asked, the way you did. I see why they got pissed… Take them off you list of companies that you will be signing for in the future. You quested their integrity.

Its the same if they asked you if your an honest notary, or can we trust you with one of our orders? You might get offended.


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SNAPCRAP keeps comments made by the companies completely hidden from you. You will never know if or when a bad comment is made. I don’t agree with this policy or their LOWBALL fees, so I made them remove me completely from their database. And if I don’t get any closings from their companies, I am fine with that!

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Snapdocs does not set the fees, the companies that use SD software sets the fees, think of SD as a software co. who is trying to get every lender and title company to use this software.
but in the mean while its the companies who put the products, based on their clients

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Hello Lisa1, I would like to see what is being said about me through SnapDocs.
Sherry Boyle
my email is
Thanks much…

it shows you have completed 12 signings but no rating, no comments at all. Someone needs to put a comment on your profile. So when someone hires you… make sure to ask them to rate you. :slight_smile:

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One update to this is, I met with SnapDocs last week, and told them how unfair it is to use “removed from signing” as a reduction of the rating, the owner Aaron did agree with me.
so they will be looking at this.



remember you can always email snapdocs

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Hi Lisa. I am curious to learn what is being said about me through SD as well, and what my score is. My email address is Thank you in advance, your help is much appreciated (a different Joni).