Can i ask for Docs?

Hello I am new this is my first signing,it is tomorrow morning. I accepted yesterday mid day and still no docs is this normal?

The ‘standard’ is at least 2 hours prior to appointment. But there is nothing wrong with asking for them ASAP.
Some automatically send as soon as they’ve received them; others (Idiotically, imho) might have them for days, but still send 'em at ‘standard/2 hrs. before Appt.’ UNLESS you communicate that you’d appreciate them ASAP.

Thanks! I did ask, but no response I just wanted to have time to prepare.

It can be quite normal, depending on the company. Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast!! Good luck!!

Communication is key. If you have a busy day, call for docs first thing in the morning. Let the lender/title company/signing service know your deadline to receive docs in order to meet the appointment. 2 hours is ridiculous - that is barely enough time to download, print and travel, much less read instructions and prep the package. I ask for 4 hours in advance and usually get them.

Granted, sometimes docs are just late due to last minute revisions or changes. But that should not be your norm.

I agree with Judi - communication with SS and Title Companies is key! If I do not have documents within 24 hours of closing, I send an e-mail letting them know that I must have the documents by “##:## (AM or PM)” due to travel time and printing - or I will possibly be late for the closing. I always give lead way for review of the documents. By doing this, I cover my boohonkus, where I do not get penalized. Like Judi, 4 hours before you have to leave is a good estimate.

This is after the fact, since your original post was 4 days ago, but I wanted to add that if the assignment is scheduled for a morning appointment, I require the docs be sent to me no later then the end of business the day before the signing. If they can’t get it done by then, the loan most likely isn’t happening.