Can I do a second job

What other job can I do as well as a notary - please tell me from personal experience

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At the right times of year, you could be an election official.

The broad reply is you can do anything you want. If you’re looking for other work that will fit your notary business here are a few suggestions; Estate Signings, Commercial Loans, Evidence retrieval, Document retrieval, property inspections, process services, etc… Not all of these ‘opportunities’ may be available in your region.

You may want to look into starting a new business that your notary services would compliment such a insurance, paralegal, or financial services.

I wish you the best as you move forward.


Thank you - that’s good advice


I forgot to mention becoming a Paralegal. There are paralegal groups that dispatch PLs when law firms get busy, similar to how Signing Services dispatch NSA. I have no advice on how to get started as a Paralegal so you may want to reach out to some local Paralegals, PL Schools, and some of these PL service providers on how to get started. I know some of our colleagues are paralegals so they’re welcome to chime in. I know that having worked in Law Enforcement I get request for mobile notary engagements, evidence retrieval (chain of custody), and process services. Having past career in LE adds credibility to when I’m subpoenaed for court.

You’ll notice my handle in Riverpointe Tax. This is my alternate business that I planted about 3 years ago knowing there would be a decline in closings when Interest rates would return to normal.

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