Can I do notary for Minors ( 11 years )

I need suggestion, Can I do notary for Minors ( 11 years ).

Than you in advance.

Interesting question. The answer might be yes, depending on where you are and what is being notarized.
And Notarizing For Minors: Special Considerations | NNA

I am in Olympia, Washington and I have never encountered the need to notarize anything for a minor. The bulk of my notary work is loan signing.

And when I receive apostille requests by mistake, I have to refer them to Washington Secretary of State.

Yes, knowing where you are is important in order to answer your question correctly; I, personally, would refer you to your state’s Sec. of State or whoever oversees notaries in your state.

In Florida, we can as long as we can satisfy all requirements for notarization - i.e. identification, personal appearance, comprehension, etc. My only issue with doing this is what is being notarized, as minors are not allowed to enter contracts or agreements or sign some documents - for some they must be at least 18 years of age.


Thank you Carmen_lane, LindaH for your input on minors.

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