Can I type out pertinent information onto my notary acknowledgement before I sign it

To make it faster and more accurate on my signings, I have been dating (the date that I am going to sign the document) and all the pertinent information on my acknowledgements. Once I get to the table and the borrower signs the document, then I sign it. (I live in California).

Not only that, but I enter the date they are signing it on other documents to save time and so there are no errors. I don’t do that on very important papers, i.e. 3 day cancellation, deed (if there is a date) , etc.

I’m thinking that I am wrong, but it would take me at least an hour more if I don’t do that.

You definitely shouldn’t be dating anyone’s signature at all, if that’s what you’re speaking of. No matter what.

This was a recent thing I began including, because the borrowers were getting so irritated at all the dates that they had to sign and remember. So I was printing the date so they wouldn’t be so upset. They (the borrowers were so happy). Oh well.

I thought I was being smart and expeditious. Oops! Guess I won’t be doing that anymore.

I do the same on a Ack or Jurat, I type the county, my name and title and the date, as well as their name before the signing. What is wet is your stamp and signature.

I’ve seen my share of notary instructions where it’s made clear the signers can’t even date each other’s signatures, much less should the notary do it. I work for one major lender who pre-dates and types in virtually all the signature lines. But it’s only that one lender, no others. Much as it’s troublesome to do, if the buyer squawks, remind them it’s the lender’s way, or the highway. Not your rules, theirs.

That said, every chance I get I prep my docs in advance and often use the Fill & Sign feature on the Acrobat reader. I can type in the venue, the names of the signers, my commission expiry date, anything that I might have had to hand write. I’ve even filled out Trust Certifications by typing the info in because someone else didn’t do their job. Docs end up looking much neater and professionally finished.

Thanks for your input Edweard.
If I didn’t do all that i.e. fill out the Ack. and the Jurat, my 1.5-2.5 hr. estimate that I give them would go into 2.5-3.5. I have many, many acknowledgements in a refi. I also work with foreign clients whose names I can’t spell off the top of my head or even pronounce them. (that I try to look up beforehand to be able to pronounce their name correctly.and they are grateful. If I had to put their name in when I am at the table, it would go on forever and I would have to be very careful not to make a mistake. I never sign or even stamp my acknowledgements or jurats before I go to the signing.

Oops! Sorry Edward. I typed too fast.

You might want to write the date of the signing on a 3X5 card and have it sitting in front of the signers. They can glance at the card each time they need to sign.