Can you make a full time living as a Remote Online Notary?

I was going to sign up with Notarize platform, but they’re using a verification site that wants $200 for an online notary seal. I don’t even have any guarantee that I’ll make any money on their platform and they want me to shell out 200 bucks? Seems like a raw deal or a bait and switch to me. Plus, I already paid almost $1000 or more to become a notary, buying a laser printer and everything and training too. It just seems like there’s more money in the training courses and supplies than there is actually being a notary. Maybe i should just retire my commission and just sell a training course on YouTube and a website. Maybe the Pandemic Notary Gold Rush is over and I came in too late. I’m not making any money and I’m tired of shelling out start up cash.


It all depends! Once you get your foot in the door you can accept signings all day. I accept about 2-3 maybe 3 days per week and I survive. If you are a go-getter you can make moneys. Stay positive ans u got this!!!


My costs were close to $800 to start up and I made it back in the first month I started signings.

You need to sign up with as many companies as you can because the same company will not be the only company sending you signings.


Looks to me like the answers given refer to mobile notaries, but the man asked about Remote notarization thru Notarize. Last time I looked (for kicks & giggles) they were paying the notary $5 for the 1st REMOTE notarization and $1@ for add’l. As the co’s clients pay $25/pop, seems the only profit is going to the co., given the cost to notary and small $ pay. I really dunno, but don’t think there’s a lot of demand for RON and a lot of expense for the notary.


I like all the responses. I sympathize with you bro, I too just started about 5 weeks ago. It is true this is a business and like any business you have to set yourself up first before you make money. More times than not this requires capital. I too paid close to 1k just to get started but hang in there. I was told when I first started that getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. You are not going to be paid like a veteran until you get more signings under your belt. Yes, sometimes I get frustrated too. But I have now done 10 signings and the signings are becoming more and more frequent each day as my personal number of signings increases. I was told that the magic number is about 25. Then the floodgates open! More signings come across and more of them are deposited at your feet. This is proving true for me and I’m just if you persevere it will be the case for you too.


It was more of an example…suggestion if he’s not making enough money as a RON he will make money doing signings.


So Notarize is what I work with and, to be honest, I would say yes. The biggest problem with making money with them is time consumption and that’s really it. You can make 200+ a day but you’re going to be there for hours doing it because of how the system currently works. They’ve stated they realize that the time issue is a problem and their solution will be in the testing phase soon, so even that small complaint will be going away soon. The company is pretty open and close to the notaries, I’ve spoken to the head of operations before and I started like 3 months ago? So yes, you can, it’s just that currently you have to spend more time doing it than one might initially think.

As you do more signings though you get access to better and better perks and ways to earn money. One perk that I’m excited for hasn’t been publicly revealed yet so I can’t talk on that but it’ll be nice for people like yourself. Payout is typically 5 dollars per normal signing, 25 per loan signing and an extra dollar for every extra stamp.

I do want to point something out though. I consistently see people talking about how “little” you get in comparison to a normal signing but they keep forgetting some things:

Notarize is the one sending you customers. These are customers from around the globe, not just the U.S.

Notarize is the one storing your audio-video conferences.

Notarize is the one keeping track of your Journal.

Notarize is the one facilitating your platform needs. A loan signing can be done in 30 minutes or less simply because of how the platform goes about things.

Notarize is the one giving you the tools you need to do the signings.

And they’re doing all of this for you for FREE and they’re doing this for thousands of notaries every day, 24/7.

Notarize is taking the lions share but that’s because they need to. Understanding the basic logistics of this sort of thing would tell you that just their video hosting needs alone would cost in the hundreds of thousands. Videos take up A LOT of data space, high quality videos take even more. Just storing MY raw, uncompressed videos at 1080P would be at least 30-40 gigs of data (that’s massive) and they’re doing this for 2 people at the same time every signing so double that figure and that’s per notary. This is all without taking into account the websites infrastructure, security, physical server maintenance, paying their employees, the fact they’re still developing tools and ways for their notaries to make money on the platform (we get updates about what they’re doing on the back end and are free to give suggestions and feedback), continually fostering business relationships, etc. This is a large scale operation and they have costs. Lots of costs. Lots of BIG costs.

I sincerely believe that anyone who can look at the Notarize platform payout and say “That’s not fair” has no idea of the legal and technical aspects that are going into this sort of thing. They’re not just pocketing all that money, most of it goes back into the system to keep it running and to make things even easier for notaries like me. The tradeoff to giving that lions share is ease of use, reliability, comfort, flexibility and so on and that’s the point. It’s an at home job where the only rule you need to follow is “Don’t break the law.” It’s a job that people like me are able to take up without having to be exposed to potential infection, of which I am especially at risk for. Sorry if I cam off a bit ranty, but feel it needed to be said.


Is this for mobile notary work or R.O.N? Where are you getting your signings from? I signed up with 10 signing companies but can’t get one signing. They even send me a notification, i respond right away, but then they tell me they gave it to someone else… every time. I gave up. Called that signing service and cursed them out! Lmao.

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Well, that is certainly the most information ever provided on being a notary for Notarize! THANK YOU, DenzelBrooks! I totally DO understand that the COST of the technology required is quite high and beyond the means of most of us to go it alone. Hope they do get the too many hours of nothing situation straightened out as that severely impacts profitability for hours spent as the current ratio seems to be pretty bad.

One thing I’ve never seen addressed is do they charge $25 for every notarization…say 5 @ $25, so they are making $125 while paying the notary $9 ($5 for 1st, & $1/add’l = $9)?


If you don’t mind me asking…

  • How much do you a average per month on Notarize?

  • How many hours per day and how many days per week do you have to work on their platform to make that money?

  • What state do you live in? I’m in Florida so I’m wondering if my results would be the same.

Normal, general notarizations are $25 and we get $5 dollars from that and they’re about 5-10 minutes long, typically. Loan signings ques are 150 of which we get 25 plus a dollar every extra stamp (every stamp after the first 1).

If a customer comes into a general ques with a loan document, we were told to tell them to get their loan officer to set things up with Notarize and get it into the proper ques, but if we wanted to we could do them anyway but we wouldn’t be getting paid the proper amount for the time investment we would be giving. So no, it’s not every notarization. It’s on a que by que basis and we’re free to choose which ques we want to do throughout the day.

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In Florida we can charge $25/notarization for RON - so they keep $20 of it? Guess all there extra FREE stuff isn’t so free

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Per month? That depends largely on my sleeping schedule since I’m an insomniac and that I’m also doing this part time, but generally I try to do 5-10 a day (excluding weekends). I do that, personally, to avoid making mistakes from having to fight myself to sleep.

Getting 5-10 done is usually a 2-3 hour deal (most of that time is waiting and they’re fixing that soon), assuming you’re not getting large documents that have a lot of stamping to be done. So if I were to push myself and average out a bit I’d say it’s about $1,083 a month from the general ques by themselves just on the little I do. I plan to eventually start going about 20-40 but insomnia is a tough mistress .

I’m in Nevada, if you want your results to be similar to mine (Your results would likely be better regardless) then you’re going to have to pick a time zone you want to target, translate that into what time it would be for you, and then just get on at those times. Notarize is 24/7 so if you want to work in the dead of night then you’re free to do so.


You’re really helpful. Thanks a lot God bless. Jesus loves you.


Thanks man, Jesus loves you too. Hope everything works out!


Forgot to ask you if you tried Mobile notary. I signed up with 10 signing companies, never got $1 from them.

I wanted to do Mobile Notary at one point but there were problems with that, risk of infection being one of them. If you want to do Mobile Notary I would suggest taking the Notary2Pro course, as some agencies like to pick up Carol’s students upon graduating her course, setting your profile up on Snapdocs and other signing services. When I was in the planning stage I made sure to come here to see the real experience people had with them before I added them to my “List” of people to work with. I’d suggest looking locally if you can and then expand from there.


I’ve been told by a veteran to sign up for as many companies as you can. Regardless of the pay. Reason being, the way Signing Agencies work is they use an algorithm to decide who gets a text. But a live person will decide who gets the signing. It’s all about the numbers and when you first get started the numbers are not in your favor. Hang in there Someone will take a chance on you though. Once that happens the likelihood of your getting more favorable signings goes up. Each time you complete a signing your chances increase and you will get more and more. If that makes sense.


Agree. I think that a lot of the services want an established track record. The worst situation for a new notary is learning on the job. If you have any errors on your package, you are going to be finished with many companies. Every successful error-free package will be a feather in your cap and propels your signing agent career. They do rate notaries and keep track of those who present a problem (errors). They do give priority to agents who have established that good track record over new notaries of which they know nothing.

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Get busy… I’m listed with 300 companies. Do I get business from them every week? Heck, no! Some are ‘one & done’, but the point is to do as many signings as are profitable regardless of where they come from and keep the pay-pipeline full as something is always coming out the other end! Seems to me that the hardest thing for newbs (who have never experienced SELF-employment) is there is no Friday payday. It’s hard in the beginning to get used to that, but if you take a job from a 60-days-to-pay company–60 days from now, you get some money. The hard part is that 1st month–getting the paypipe full.