Canceled Signing - no notice from client Pay or Not

I received a signing, called the client several times and could not reach. Spoke to title company several times the morning of the signing. 1 hour before the signing the client calls and notifies me that she informed them that she will not be closing and not to come. Of course this is after the papers have been printed and I have started to review and mark where the client signs. Called the title company again and they said they will call me back.

SHOULD one be PAID something for time and printing - not to mention I blocked out this time so I could not schedule anything else with anyone.

Some TITLE companies won’t pay anything on a cancellation, most will pay either a print fee ($25 seems to be standard) and a minimal trip fee if you’ve made the trip, too. I would forward the order/cancellation notice to Title WITH AN INVOICE ATTACHED for a print fee.


You are entitled to the print fee which is usually $25 with a majority of companies and they can tell if you downloaded them or not so always be honest with the company you contract from

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I hate it when that occurs. I lost a lot of money and time this way.

Typically, you’ll get paid 50% of your agreed upon fee for a cancellation (print and trip fee), or maybe a $25 print fee and $25 trip fee (for a no-sign if you make the trip). In any case, it’s not fair. You may have turned down other signings in order to do this one. If you make the trip to the signing and the signing isn’t completed because of something that wasn’t your fault, I feel that you should be entitled to full fee.

You are definitely entitled to a print fee. It is unfortunate the time we spend waiting for and preparing the docs cannot be retrieved. I agree with the people replying to you saying that if the assignment was cancelled after you had departed for the signing appointment, you would be entitled to a print fee and a trip fee. My experience is that most title companies are professionally run and will pay the invoice you send, and they understand business is business. Please reply back and let us know how this worked out for you.

This has NOT been the case with me at all receiving compensation for lost jobs. I’ve had cancellations right up to the hour with no pay, maybe a print fee so small it doesn’t even cover the print of a 200 page package x 2 all prepared, plus the reserve for a prime time spot in the day. I’ve never been paid for a reschedule by the client that I have not been able to accommodate for because my schedule has already been set and I could not move my client’s schedule to accommodate them so I lose a closing fee, and NO compensation for that at all, and I’ve watched that signing to out for bid for someone else to take. These companies don’t seem to get it. I live in a semi-rural area and I have to drive upwards to an hour + to reach our clients in most cases. To get to these assignments, I have to leave upward to an hour + space between my clients and allow an hour for the closing and an hour after it for driving time to my next appt. It also hurts when you’re given an assignment with a specific date/time and you put it on your schedule, the documents end up not being available for that date/time that you’ve not only scheduled it on your calendar, but you’ve confirmed with the client as well, and then the assignment gets canceled or moved to another day. Maybe you can accommodate for it, or not. But it’s lost income due to no fault of your own - but you accepted the assignment based upon their request for your services!! You can’t just fill those spots, at least most times you can’t or you lucky if a new signing comes in and you can fill it, but that doesn’t happen most time so your left with holes in your calendar. In addition, we should get travel compensation - it’s amazing how many miles I have racked up since the beginning of the year! Somehow we need representation for us to deal with these situations with lost income due to no our fault of our own. I guess I’m done ranting for now.

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