Cancelled Signing

I’m relatively new. I’ve been working about 7 months so far. I had a signing planned for Tuesday morning and prepped all the docs Monday night. Around 7pm the night before, I texted the signer to confirm our appt, and she told me she had already cancelled it with the lender. I didn’t hear a peep from the title company who hired me. I even emailed the title company the next day to say how disappointed I was that no one bothered to contact me, and I had printed out two sets of documents and prepped them in my journal (a refinance). Still no answer. How would you handle it?

Call whoever assigned you this job and explain what happened. You are ENTITLED to a certain fee for your time and preparation. When this has happened to me, I have gotten $40 which I think is fair enough.

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Thanks. I’ll try that tomorrow. Should I ask for a print fee and let them set the rate?
It was an 81 pg. file.

I’d see what they offer and if you don’t like it, ask for $40. You printed on your paper and then prepped for notarization and presentation. For a conscientious notary, that’s worth some $$.

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Usually they won’t pay a print fee IF you print earlier than 12 hrs. prior to Appt.
Personally, I won’t print until the signer has confirmed the Appt., which cuts down on this situation happening.


Keep track of who does this the most, keep the signing services that don’t give you headaches. Plz try to keep your questions shorter…

I have these happen every once and a while even after I’ve confirmed with the signer(s). But unless I’m on the way to the location or at the actual table, The Signing services will pay for the time, paper and gas. But what I do is email title and the Signing service and tell them to include me on the updates, that way I don’t end up prepping docs and wasting paper. Which some will pay a fee and others wont.

Are you trying to say that they WILL reimburse you for time, paper, and gas ONLY if you are on the way to the signing? And when you say you ask them to include you on updates, do mean the emails that are between the title company and the signing service? And do they always include you?
I’m trying to improve upon my system for the future.

Yes because I’ve had signings cancel on the way to the location, I’ve also had borrowers decided that didn’t want to follow through with the signing. Both times I’ve received payment for the cancel signings. And they don’t always include me on the emails but the notification from title or the signing services is a lot quicker If the signing cancels. like yesterday I had once cancel the was confirmed on Monday, title actually text me to let me know it had canceled and asked if I wanted to be the notary for when it rescheduled. So reach out and tell them " hey for future reference can I be notified as well because I eat the cost on docs and I like to prep them and ensure they are accurate and ready".

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That is super helpful to me. Do you have to cc the signing service when you send that email?
Thank you.

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Depends to be honest, if it is a SS I know they are quick to reply and give me answers, ill just email them. if the SS is slow and take Forever!. Ill email or call title. I keep an A, B, C list for the SS to keep track of the good, the bad and ugly.

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How have u gone after siging services that don’t pay agreed fee?

Just to update here. I sent 3 emails to the company and got no response. Sent another and finally they told me they’re paying me 50 for it.

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I’ve haven’t had the issues as of yet. to be frank i would know where or how to start that process to go after them. but so far i only get a few late payments but nothing held back.

Your so right! I found this out with Cx choice after printing 200 pages. It was already a low offer and then got canceled and hour after I accept the assignment. Never printing more than 5 hours before the appointment again.