Can't respond fast enough, it seems.

OK, here’s my dilemma: I receive a signing notification from the signing houses on both my iPhone and my computer that a signing is available. I’m alerted to it by a sound. I jump on it RIGHT AWAY and one of two things happen. 1) Amazingly, the signing has already been assigned (in 3-4 seconds?!?!), or, 2) I am unable to see either the pricing (often, too low to bother with) or the location (often too many miles away to make it worthwhile) on my screens. I dislike accepting jobs that I have to back out of if I just grab them without knowing something about them. That always takes a few seconds.

I’d like to get these jobs because many of them are in my geo area and pay well. Am I missing something in the acceptance process? Are there tricks I can use to make my screens show the jobs faster? (My computer is top notch and I’ve done what I can to enhance operating speed, but maybe y’all know something I don’t).
I’m preparing to switch over from refi’s to other types of notarial work that pays better. Time to beat the bushes for different assignments.

Not much advice but I have experienced some of this as well. Particularly with one signing company, it disappears too fast while others I have no problem reading and accepting in time. What was strange is that I received notices for signings which were yesterday or already past the deadline from this same company where I have some trouble accepting the signings. I did reach out to confirm on how they select the notary from a bulk of the ones who accepted the orders. I got the vibes, they might have their “regular notaries” they like to work with so it can take more time being newer with new assigning client. In any case, the only thing I can suggest is that you reach out and follow up directly with that contact on how the assigning works and tips they can offer for accepting their orders quickly.

The market is over saturated with signing agents. It will get harder to catch any flash offers. Signing and title companies are lowering their pay😔. Time to look for a supporting gig

That use to happen to me. I called the signing companies and introduced myself and told them of this issue. I explained I would do a good job for them. The job finally started coming my way.