Car Printers

Can someone explain how you hook up a mobile car printer to your car? How do you get power to it and what brand do you use?

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I use a 2000watt inverter that is connected to my car battery. My printer model is an HP m404dw and it works flawlessly with the inverter, and allows me to print on the road or from my work. Comes in handy when the loan docs are painfully late which seems to be a normal occurance.

I am looking for a cigarette lighter 1000 watt inverter to be able to take my printer in all of my vehicles, as my 2000 watt inverter in mounted in my conversion van (now known as my mobile office).

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I have a Brother ADS-2700W and it only draws about 23 Watts. I have a cigarette adapter for 110 Volt use and I scanned to a USB thumb drive. I then take the thumb drive and stick it in my laptop, use my phone as a hot spot and upload the documents to the Signing Service. I did a loan modification last week and they wanted the docs back immediately. I was able to complete the signing and drive off in 20 mins time.

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Mark Wills (Loan Signing System) did a DIY video on You tube on how to set up a mobile printer in your trunk.

Thank you all for your hints I will look into them!