CAUTION: Project Olly

Have any of you gotten an email about Project Olly from Endpoint Signing Service?

I’m worried it’s a scam. I opened an link from them and my computer freaked out and said it was a Trojan virus attack. It didn’t end up being a virus.

Endpoint seems to be a RON service. Project Olly seems to be for gamers. (Google searches on both)
Didn’t find anything for Endpoint Signing Service. So, what did you discover? What is it?

I received an email as well and I ignored it. About a week later I received a text following up on the email. I told them I am interested and they sent me a link to set up an account. When I followed the link, my information was populated based upon my NNA membership/profile. I continued setting up my account until it asked me for my banking information for payment purposes. Before I proceed, have you verified if this is a scam or not?

Keep me posted. I got an email with them too

I haven’t proceeded I’m too scared to risk clicking the link. I’ve asked other notary groups and no one has heard of them.

I am worried myself. I am definitely not providing my banking information until I can confirm that the company is legit, which may be never and I am perfectly fine with that. Lol. Thanks for sharing!

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Can you check the BBB or call the company directly?

To All: Please remember to continue to do your own due diligence. An in-depth Search on the web, investigating the business entity, making phone calls to further investigate BEFORE you provide ANY data and/or invest any time providing your professional services is the most sagacious action to take (especially now during these particularly difficult financial times).

The time you take now will ensure you can completely avoid headaches, annoyance, & irritation while chasing down non-payers/deadbeats.

NOTE: Just because “someone” joins this public Notary Cafe forum (16 hours ago) & creates their first-ever post stating that their business entity is “legitimate” => BE CAUTIOUS.


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Fully agree with your suggestion. Thank you

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@mgarrow The Notary Cafe forum isn’t a place for you to ADVERTISE your new signing service or your digital only title company.

Also, your phraseology is quite misleading . . .

You state: “backed by First American” implying that your company is backed by First American Title, yet IT’S NOT.

In actuality, to reflect the truth, you should’ve stated: “backed by First American Financial Corporation.”

NOTE: If you’re interested in garnering the professional services of certified notary signing agents [CNSAs] for your new business, please advertise in the industry standard manner or contact the CNSA directly via PM or email.


I’d like to chime in here. I’ve been an LSA for 5 years and worked with Endpoint from the beginning. They are backed by First American…they are not a scam. Endpoint used to assign via SnapDocs but have built their own platform - OLLY. I have been on-board their new OLLY platform for a few months now (since it started) and get high quality buyer and seller packages at a very good rate and with weekly direct deposit. Meagan was not promoting HER company but rather clarifying any misconceptions about the company she works for. If you received the email, I would recommend getting on board!


Anyone else working with Olly - Endpoint?

I saw on another thread that they are legit and pay well. I ended up signing up and was approved today.

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