Celtic Signing at it again?

I see here that a while ago Celtic was not paying. I’m owed over $600 from them for over two months. Anyone know of any reason they don’t answer emails?

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This is the info I have for him. It might help you.
(856) 261-3494 Mobile
(856) 424-9105 Work
Marlton Pike East
Suite # 6
Cherry Hill NJ 08003

Good Luck


I have made phone calls, plus leave messages… I am waiting 2 months and two days now for payment… I did two signing with them, and still waiting to get pay. I was really hoping to get my pay to purchase my kids school supplies…

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Update: Dennis got back to me and assured payment would be sent. Thank you.

Still waiting… I called yesterday and was told it is very unlikely for me not to have received payment yet, they will check into it…

How long do we wait before filing small claims?

Have no idea, but I honestly think it is very unfair to print paper, use gas get documents sign then ship and have to be begging this company for pay.

Who represent us agent when we do not get pay?

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Second update. Didn’t get paid after the first promise, asked again…nothing. Threatened small claims again and said if I’m not paid by Friday, I’m filing. Guess what - got paid. Now waiting to see if the check clears.


I spoke to an associate I believe he said his name is Dennis and ask about payment and His is response was he will check into it because it is very unlikely for that to happen. Signing was done in July. Still have not receive payment.

I’m in Jersey as well, and I’ve been offered a couple of signings from this Celtic Co. but always decline, just by reading all the bad reviews for them not paying or paying late. I guess I’ll keep rejecting their offers… feel bad for all those fellow NSAs that have to go out risking their lives with this pandemic situation and still not getting paid.

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Kim, he is not an associate. He is the owner. He’s playing games. Threaten small claims court. It’s a pain in the a$$, but if you have to you have to.

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Elena, I have no issues with these companies.

The minute they do not pay me, I use my legal shield attorneys. The minute they get the letter from the law firm, I immediately receive an echeck or direct deposit.

It’s bad experience these company my us wait for 30 days. There is now way in hel…, I would wait two months.


I too, have not been paid for a job in July!

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If I do not receive my payment by 11/16 as they claim, I’m sending the issue to my attorney.

I have no time to play games with people who owe me money.

If they would not not pay me sine July, it would have already been a legal issue.


Also, did a loan signing for Celtic 31 days ago. But, I will wait another week and contact them. This is the first time, I have used them.

Hmmm how do you get legal shield…I would love to send Dennis a letter…

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You can go to the following website: www.MrPresidentCFO.com

Quite frankly, I think eve

I’m think notary should have a legal service attached to their E & O insurance.


Snap Docs platform posted a few signings from Celtic SS. I wish I had read the reviews before accepting a job from them/him. Two months later, I am out of my signing fees. Snap Docs is telling me they can’t help and that I have to contact Dennis McGrath and ask for my fees.

This might be another option, your Post Master General. Read the entry about wire fraud.
Mail and wire fraud - Wikipedia.

Very interesting Code. It seems like a few SS’s would fit quite nicely into the “employer fraud” category as it relates to reversed “price fixing”. They say it’s very difficult to prove but I think a few thousand notaries could prove it…