Central Signing Service

Does anyone have an experience to share about this company called Central Signing Service?

Met my fee. Pays within 2 weeks. Good company.

Good documents, clean package, responsive to questions, pay in 30 days or less, pays a good rate.

Lisa the owner does not respect notaries and will say privately
Used to work for her!
No loyalty

This company is in my top 3 favorites – they pay well, quickly, and are very helpful and supportive.

Excellent company been working for them since 2006.

One of my favorites. :relaxed:

not a lot of work out of them, but the few that i’ve done were good, pays on time.

Dove 392, think you are confused. Roxanne Urbani owns Central Signing. Lisa Bittner owns Coast 2 Coast.

No I think it’s Lisa Lasagne not Roxanne

Hmm. I always deal with Roxanne for any issues - guess I assumed it was her. Thanks for the correction!