Certified finger printer

I got certified to be a finger printer. I don’t have the digital machine but I have the finger boards to do it on paper. Does anyone how to get started doing them? The person who trained me was a retired officer

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I am interested in doing this in my areas as well. Can you share what all you did to get started?

I partnered with a company called IdentoGo who has the contract with my State for clearances. They provide all the equipment, scheduling, and payment processing and I provide my office as one of their locations and do fingerprinting, passport photos, and background checks as they are scheduled during the business hours Im willing to provide for them. They pay me × amount per appointment I complete. It’s not a lot per appointment but once you start getting 15+ per day it’s a nice little boost to your business income. Some sites in busier areas can get 30-50 a day. It also provides foot traffic in and out of my office, which has been free advertising for my notary business and has resulted in additional notary clients. There are numerous Live Scan fingerprinting companies, if you can find which one is contracted with your state it’s worth looking into if you have an office location in an area of need.

This is called Live Scan, it to expensive to get into, and it will take year to make your money back to payoff the machine. You remember, you did this to get you notary license…

I am retired State Law Enforcement. Live Scan is the best but the set up and channeling requirements are overwhelming for a sole practicioner.

So what are the challenges and requirements for a solo practitioner?

How much did you get paid per fingerprint order?

On average how much did you get paid (breakdown either per order, month or year)?

If your a solo operation like myself, its a ton of work! Transmission of Fingerprints electronically direct to State Police and relaying direct to the FBI is not simple. A myriad of technical requirements make the “return on investment” low. Not to mention the cost/maintenance of a portable live scan machine.

Appearance fee varies depending on client but base rate is $175. Ink rolled cards are $15 each. I do about 500 annually. I have 12 Pharmaceutical firms that I work with. It has take several years to build.

I’d like to know more, if you don’t mind. Can we connect and speak? Email or text is ok too, just let me know what works best. This is something I have been considering doing for quite sometime but I desire to know what all is involved before making any investments.

Sure! Shoot me an email. We can set up a call. yesnownotary@gmail.com