Chasing Payments From Notaries Express

Is anyone having to chase down payments? I am currently chasing one from November 23, 2019

Oh no:(. I am so sorry to hear that. I hope they’ll do the right thing and pay you ASAP.

Tell them you are going to let title know they aren’t paying you!

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You can contact title and aslo threaten to give other notaties advise as to not work for them due to non payment…through a site like this one.

Try this letter. It has worked well for me when polite requests have failed. Please know you will likely never work for the company again. Occasionally, once they know your rules, they may become 1 of your best customers. Adjust the body of the letter to reflect your situation.

Notary Name

Company Name
Their address
City, State, Zip


Their company name, and you, contracted your company name and your name to perform mortgage signing services on various occasions.

At present, three invoices are past due. One has been partially paid while two remain unpaid. The aging on these invoices is at 131, 126, and 100 days. Your Company’s terms are Net/15.

We have contacted you by phone and email numerous times requesting payment. You have made multiple statements that you will pay the invoices, yet they remain unpaid and seriously past due.

Name, the least pleasurable part of my business is chasing payment from customers when I have provided timely and accurate services.

Please know that as unpleasant as it is, we are ready to request assistance in getting paid the monies you owe us.

Name, one option is for us to contact the title company that closed these loans and ask for their involvement.

Another option is to forward this letter to the Secretaries Of State and Departments of Regulatory Agencies in your state and their state asking for their assistance and additionally asking them to suspend your authority to conduct business in both states until your obligations to us are satisfied in full plus interest and collection costs.

A third option is to refer this matter to our attorney and the courts seeking monetary and punitive judgements against you and their company.

We completed our responsibilities and obligations to you in a timely manner. Please, now and immediately complete your responsibilities and obligations to us.

Name we are prepared to commence one or all the above actions if full payment is not in our hands with in 7 days of the date first mentioned above. I recommend making payment to our PayPal account.



This is a great letter. Can I place in my letter file?

Oh no this is disturbing… I am currently waiting on payments from them as well … I have 6 invoices current over 35 days and 11 right at 30 days.

Did you ever get your payments?