Cheap or Free Background Check?

Since NNA is busy fighting against the interests of notaries I’d like to ask if there are easier and cheaper means to acquire a new background check.

A few will accept Sterling, but, for the most part, that assoc. has totally sold too many others on ‘only ours is good’. Unfortunately, universal acceptance of same is a ‘necessary evil’. The only thing that assoc. is really good at is lobbying whatever powers-that-be for ways to lock in notaries paying participation.

I go to Rotary Notary, you can join with them or just get a background check for $30.

I understand needing “cheap or free” when you’re first starting out - it’s expensive - but you need to consider more along the lines of “what is going to be accepted by the hiring parties I want to work with” - cheap or free may not be the best route if you end up having to have 2 or 3 others to satisfy your connections and get work.

I hate to say it but the one with NNA is accepted by everyone. Not everyone will accept Notary Rotary’s BGC - even though it is absolutely identical to the NNA’s = and IMO it is more accurate… don’t ask me why - can only figure some fantastic BS marketing.

In all things in life - free is not always the best route to take.

Good luck

I had a BGC done by a company connected with N2P a few years ago. It was from same company, with the same information on it as the NNA BGC. I had a hard time getting the title companies to accept it because it was not done by NNA. You must understand that most title companies belong to the SPW/NNA and they want the NNA to make money. I just pay for the NNA one now, as you also need NNA cert, so buy the test and BGC only. You do not need to purchase membership and your info will still be listed on .

I use Notary Rotary, And was told I needed to to NNA for background check. I refused and that co stiil calls me. don’t give in to their bulling.