Clep student id

Is there anything I need to know about notarizing a CLEP student ID form if the student doesn’t of course have identification?

How does a college student NOT have ID??

Should add…what do your state laws allow in this scenario?

Can a Texas notary refuse to perform notarial acts?

A Texas notary can refuse to notarize if:

  • A signer you don’t know personally has no identification…

If you don’t know this student personally and without I.D. you cannot properly identify them. So you could suggest that he/she have their school offical fill out the CLEP form for them as instructed on page 2:

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  • You need to know the notary laws of your state. Since you haven’t said what state you’re in, we can’t give any suggestions about whether the request is lawful in your state.
  • CLEP is the college-level examination program. It allows students to take exams in introductory college courses instead of having to take the course. Their web site claims their tests are accepted at thousands of colleges, although I have no experience with that.
  • Their website does not specifically mention high school students, but their website claims anyone can take the test. It stands to reason some advanced high school students and homeschoolers might take these tests. High school students might not have conventional ID.

Yes and so and if that is the case, having the school administrator complete that section of the form would be appropriate. Properly identifying a signer either by personal knowledge or government issued photo identification is the common requirement of all notaries in the U.S. regardless which state they reside.

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Back in my day it was called “Credit Through Life Experience” - and yes, you could skip the course if you had sufficient life experience with that particular field. However, it was only offered to enrolled college students, not high schoolers (and homeschool was almost unheard of back then - dating myself here…lol)

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