I received a assignment text from, a what I would assume, was a new company called Closingwise, and an e mail from The Signing Platform. Has anyone heard or worked with either of these companies.
Closewise was a good offer…but, the signing offered was scheduled for 1 1/2 hours before the signing. My feeling is that it may have been solicitation. They do have a free service for notaries, and you can pay for a premium service. Here is what was on the site:

Signing Agents Pricing



$0 per month
  • Unlimited Signing Offers
  • 15 Manual Entries Per Month
  • Schedule Overview
  • Downloadable Schedules
  • Automatic Order Accounting List
  • Check/Payment Processing
  • Invoicing w/ Tracking
  • Auto Mileage Tracking (Advanced)
  • Notarial Act Log

Pro + Promo


per month
  • Auto Order Data Entry
  • Unlimited Entries Per Month
  • Calendar Sync
  • Downloadable Schedules
  • Paid vs Pending Revenue Overview
  • Add Additional Income Tracker
  • Status Reports
  • Analytics Summaries & Graphs
  • Add External Mileage
  • Premium Support

CloseWise Promo


with pro plan
  • Be featured above other agents in your area as a ready to work Notary! Companies will know that you’re invested in being an available agent.
  • Receive a Digital business card with a personal QR code and link to your contact info.
  • This will include booking ability and payment direct to you when new clients request your services off the platform.
  • Increase your overall visibility on the internet
  • Includes future updates and upgrades
  • FREE 10 minute marketing consultation with a CloseWise

I would love feedback. Thank you!