Coast 2 Coast non-payment

I had heard issues in the past about C2C but up until now, I thought they improved. Well, that is not the case. From a mod signing on February 14, 2024, they owe me a lousy $50.00 but it will be the last money they will ever owe me. I guess if I have to take a hit, $50.00 is not as bad as some. I have been writing them on Notary Dash and there has not been a response. I also called the number that was on the order and the number will not go through. I have called their corporate and corporate accounting, no return call. I have also emailed corporate.
Just a warning to you all…they are back at not paying.


@lmcloser It’s nice that you had extended good experiences with C2C. Sorry to read about your recent negative/non-payment direct experience with C2C.

Thank you for sharing it.


As many members have read on posts within other threads, this is a common “ruse” once the business entity has ‘burned the bridge’ with other Professional Signing Agents [PSAs] in their database . . . then, they will move on to take advantage of others.

OR - they will repeatedly pay specific PSAs that are in a region or locale wherein they have a large amount of orders.


So, in general some pretty crafty individuals are on the prowl these days . . .

Please do regularly Research the forum for the current status of a business entity as well as a repeating pattern that may have a long list of members warning other with a SINGLET individual post that gives GLOWING remarks. NOTE: It’s a large RED FLAG when you see that!


YUP… I did a notary February 7, 2024 for a $55.00 and have just finish doing everything you did from calling the number that doesn’t go through to leaving messages. I think my next step is to call the title company that hire them to hire me. I’m gonna give them hell. Lets see where this goes I’m going to call them out on Social Media too.

Almost right after I posted on Notary Cafe, remarkably, I received an email from C2C. My invoice is being sent to accounting. I am assuming I will receive payment shortly. BTW, I had called the lender and the title company, I knew not to bother. It is too big to care. Had a go around with them before when I worked direct when it was local.

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I am very particular now as to what signings I will accept! My notary income has dropped severely and I hope it picks up in the future. I’ve seen this cycle many times, I’ve been a notary for 49 years and worked in Escrow most of my adulthood! It will improve, the pendulum will swing!

Send an invoice to

After many calls and emails I actually complained on here and I believe that is why I received a response.