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Been dealing with Lisa and her company for quite some time now. I don’t believe I ever had an interaction with Lisa until yesterday. I accepted a “loan signing” deal the previous day with fax backs required along with copy package and it only listed one person for the signor, all for $75. The day of the actual signing, a few hours prior to closing I was informed that this is actually a very intricate business loan transaction of over $11,000,000.00, two full loan packages each consisting of 70+ pages along with other supporting documents, and about 4-6 chair members which we were designated as the signors for this deal. Obviously the print time, the time to go through this book of a loan with the signors and to scan everything back the same day would’ve been impossible for me to do because I had other signings that day which were two hours spaced apart (not back to back). Normally on a single loan signing with one person takes about 20-45 minutes max. If the order would’ve initially stated the actual type of transaction this was VS the day of signing, I would not have accepted this deal. I professionally informed Coast to Coast Signings as to why I couldn’t attend this closing via their online system. A few minutes later I noticed that I was removed from the order. About ten minutes after that, I receive a call from Lisa Bittner. Off bat, Lisa begins the conversation in a very patronizing way asking me, “are you having a better day now because you canceled our order?” And asked me to reiterate to her why I canceled the order. I began to explain why, but the during my explanation she kept cutting me off by her “agreeing” with me (again in a patronizing way) I stopped talking to ask if I could please finish what I was trying to tell her, when then she starts yelling, “You’re an asshole, you’re an asshole, you’re an asshole”. Then just before she hangs up on me she yells out, “you stupid spick”. It didn’t stop there. Then I started to receive text messages from her stating, “your pretty bad” in multiple texts. I asked her to stop texting me or I’ll file a restraining order, and she persisted…
To All, beware when dealing with these folks. The lack or decorum and moral compass for the owner of this company is unreal or doesn’t exist. I feel embarrassed and cringe to who ever has or will be doing “business” with these folks.
You’ve been warned.


If you have the title company/lender contacts on this order from the CD (page 5), I would be filing a formal complaint to them about Lisa’s demeanor and verbal abuse. There is no excuse for her behavior. Seems she is long overdue to leave this business if she can’t toe the mark here. Lisa is clearly not a sound, reasonable individual and not fit for this or any other occupation.

First let me start by saying I am sorry you had an unfavorable experience. However, I have been working with Lisa Bittner for a while now and I have had nothing but courteous interactions with her and her staff. I am not calling you a liar, but I honestly can say I would never ever expect to hear that from Lisa. She and her staff have always been very professional and very nice to me. I will continue to work with her.


This is very disturbing to hear but we all know there are three sides to every story - he said, she said and the middle where the whole true story is -

I have never worked for Lisa so will offer only one opinion here about this - this entire incident should NOT be hammered out on this site or any other forum. This is something that needs to be handled in private - publicly arguing this will serve no purpose but to generate opinions from folks not related to the incident at hand - and probably end up in heated arguments and unnecessarily nasty comments.

Lisa follows this forum and I’m sure she’s seen this by now - although being end of month she may not have yet. The two parties need to either get together privately and settle this OR the OP needs to do what he thinks is best for his situation. There are both state and federal laws that protect him.

To the OP I wish you luck.


I’m also one who has done multiple signings for Lisa/C2C with never a problem. And to me,only a 70 page signing is a pleasure as most of mine are 150-190 pages and some are over 200 pages. Of course she was pissed off that you canceled only after seeing the document package since she likely didn’t have enough time to round up another notary to make the scheduled appointment. Signing companies seldom know how many pages a document package nor anything about its complexity and number of signers until they receive it. Lenders are not always (rarely?) forthcoming with such information until it’s too late to do much of anything about it other than chalk it up to experience. I learned years ago not to try to schedule e-print signings only 2 hours apart since you don’t always know how involved a signing will be or how many pages & signatures it will require.

Personally I would never plan my signings only 2 hours apart when I haven’t seen the documents or know the complexity of the signing.


I just had a very bad experience with Lisa as well, which is what brought me to the forum. I wanted to see if others have had issues, and what they have done about it. Lisa has been very rude to me, and she actually just hung up on me! This is very immature and unprofessional behavior.

I had a signing appointment on Sat. at 1pm and scanned back everything immediately. I was alerted at 5pm last night that a signature was missed. I reached out to the clients first thing this morning to get another appointment with them and they are not available until 5:30pm tonight. Unfortunately I have another appointment tonight that can not be cancelled. Lisa was very upset about that and hung up on me. She also removed me from the order so I will not be paid after spending several hours on this file already. What am I supposed to do now? I’m not sure where to officially file a complaint.

You should read Lisa’s latest post. She was robbed $26,000 and even more yesterday from notaries cashing checks they have altered. She is probably very stressed. Maybe give her a couple days and reach out again?


We all have stress and challenges in our life, but that is no excuse for treating people in a rude and unprofessional manner. It appears this is just how she operates according to everything I am reading online, and it’s not acceptable to me. My time is just as valuable as hers (or anyone’s for that matter), and I should be paid for my time and work in accordance with the independent contractor agreement that I signed.

Hasn’t anyone heard the saying “your reputation proceeds you.” That also goes for all the notaries who are bad mouthing. You probably do not realize how many Title/Escrow and Signing Services are inter-connected. The harsh attitudes and rudeness you just put in black and white will forever hold up to demonstrate your reputation. I have worked with C2C as a Signing Agent for over 3 years may 4 now. LIsa Bittner and all of her staff have always been exceptional to deal with. She was just defrauded by a Signing Agent for over $25 thousand dollars which is a pretty big set back financially and they are considered as a victim of a crime also. I would be that their lines are recorded and that some of the things that they hear out of the mouths of what are supposed to be equal professionals are not so professional. It goes two ways, be professional to get professional respect. Everyone has bad moments especially when they have been taken for and robbed of a lot of money. So, be kind to others for you may not be aware what the consequences in the future reputation arena can be. All these companies are in some way, shape, or form connected and eventually you will feel the shun if your reputation is that of someone impatient, impartial, rude, inconsiderate… If you haven’t been paid, then simply call her. Text her, and/or Email her. If you have a problem with one of her employees, document it and inform her personally. Enough said. I am sure I will have haters but it is not going to stop me from demonstrating professionalism.


Hi there, Karin

This is a notary forum for us notaries that do this notary job on a freelance level. If I’m not mistaken, notaries are supposed to discus their experiences with other so called professional establishments on this forum to either A avoid that company that abuses its power to degrade, humiliate, disrespect, and rob notaries of their pay. Or to B work with that company that through its track record has been behaving its self in a professional manor to the public and to its subcontractors like us freelance notaries. You’re correct, everyone will see how bad this company behaves. I’m not the only one that has had a horrible experience with this company or frankly Lisa Bittner. And not just on this forum. You’re correct, other companies should see how good or bad their counterparts behave so they can take that as an example on how and how not to treat notaries. And they (signing companies) should know that there will be backlash for their misbehavior. I’ve worked with C2C for quite a while with no issues. And because this lady had a bad experience with another signing agent, that gives her the right to mistreat others that had nothing to do with her misfortune? I think not, and you’re wrong if you believe that. Situations like this are why we notaries should establish a notary union to protect ourselves from rouge signing companies that seem to operate with the mentally of the Wild West… I completed other signings last month with C2C, not just the one that she blew up on me. I’m positive I will not see any compensation for those.
I wish you the best of luck working with C2C, my post was to simply warn others. Luckily this hasn’t happened to you, yet.

i just received a signing from C2C and they are extremely helpful and answer my questions immediately. so far I am pleased. just wish their fee was slightly higher but that is something I wish all companies were cognizant that we spend hours for a signing.


I agree Lisa is a very nice lady I call her directly all the time and she has always been very professional and respectful not to mention very helpful if you have a question about a signing.

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To be clear in my statement above, I was notified 3 FULL days after the signing (and immediate scan back of the full set of closing documents) that a signature was missed. The signing was at 1pm on a Sat., and I was alerted at 5pm on Tues. evening that a signature was missing. I tried to get the signature first thing on Wed., but the clients were at work, and I could not reach them. When they finally contacted me back, (around 3pm Wed) they said they could only meet at 5:30 pm for the missing signature, I unfortunately was not available after 5 pm due to plans already set in stone with my kids. Lisa felt I needed to cancel everything with my family and get to their house ASAP for the signature, but that was just not possible in this case so she got upset and hung up on me. One missing signature should not equal disrespectful treatment & zero pay on a 200+ page signing job (or any job for that matter). I apologized up and down, but my apologies were not heard. We all make mistakes sometimes, and I believe we all need to treat each other fairly & with respect. I tried my best to correct my mistake, but it was not possible in the very short time frame I was given to do so. I think other notaries should be aware of these types of experiences so they can decide for themselves who they may, or may not want to work with.

@Coast2CoastSignings Lisa I hope you see this. I still enjoy doing your signings, they’re good quality and the pay is fair. Never a problem getting paid quickly either. My reason for posting this is to let you know how much I enjoyed your three instructional videos on YouTube that somehow YouTube suggested to me as appropriate. How does YouTube know I do loan signings LOL? I only suggest you make one change where you describe how to sign Patriot ID verification forms, where your video instructs to include “Notary Public” after our name. After a lot of verifying plus my last NNA NSA recertification course which said the same thing, we’re supposed to use Signing Agent as our title since we’re not performing notarial duties on that particular form. NNA was forceful on that point in their recertification course, to make sure we’re only signing that form as a Signing Agent and NOT as a Notary Public. I’ve been known to be wrong before but I’m pretty comfortable that the use of Notary Public is verboten on that particular form. I now strictly use Signing Agent as my title for that particular form. Just a suggestion on some otherwise very well done instructional videos! :smile:

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