Coast 2 coast

Anything new on Coast to Coast regarding payment. I seem to recall there were issues in the past and I wanted to check before I took any signings for them.

I’ve done a few signings with them through snap docs with no issues

I love Coast2Coast and have never had any issues with payment!

Just got an email blast from them. $30!? Lowest I’ve ever seen.

I wonder if anyone is doing these for $30. Hard to imagine.


I see signings starting at $30-50 to begin with. Then throughout the day and hours later, the money starts rising and rising until it’s at a point where somebody will accept it. By that time, the Signing company is desperate to find someone. Idiots, they never learn.

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I am speechless… :lying_face:

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I did a seller package for 30

I rest my case!!!

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Was it next door and required no printing?

Just crazy. I’ve been getting my average up to about $145 so I was extremely shocked to see such a low starting bid, even in my rural-ish area.

Sounds like its only a few docs not the whole loan package.