Coast2Coast Signing Representative are unprofessional

I usually come to this forum and read comments just to hear what others have to say. However, today I am really ticked off with the unprofessional manner that Coast2Coast handles their business. This is my second attempt to work with this company. The first time I was given an assignment they never uploaded the document. I called, left messages, left comment on snapdocs and no one responded until 5mins past the appointment time a rude unprofessional representative calls my phone to ask me if I am at the appointment. I had to really compose myself to respond to him.

Now fast forward to today, the appointment is at 10am. I have questions about some documents in the package. Since yesterday, I have emailed, called, sent text message, left comments on snapdocs and have not received any answer to those questions as of 9:05am.

I even asked to negotiate my fee because they are asking that I gave a hard copy of the documents to the customer. I have not done that since 2020 started because the customers documents are emailed to them (by the companies I work with). This was the only response that I received from the questions that asked in my email.

​ Escrow has been advised of all of your questions. As for your fee, in future please negotiate prior to accepting the signing. Thank you for your understanding, hope you have a great signing.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I am so ticked right now, I am going to complete this signing to the best of my ability and I am asking the signer if they would like to receive the document by email and send them the email address. At this point I do not even care if they pay me, I do this because I love it, I love serving the people, I do not do this just for money… I honestly cannot live on this income alone. But when you have companies behaving like your time and effort is worth nothing, I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT!

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I always have a second set printed for the borrowers…
If you have a question contact the title or lender on the CD.


I usually do have a second copy, but since the COVID pandemic I have worked with a few companies who emailed the docs to the customer - if the customer agreed to receive via email. Actually, this signer had their docs on their computer, said they received it via email.

However, whatever the requirements are for a signing, I am good with it…but I also have the option to negotiate at anytime. You dont say to me that I should negotiate before I accept the assignment. When there is no information in the notification. The first question I asked after accepting the appointment was " what type of signing was it" that way I can assess if the fee is feasible or if I should negotiate for more. They did not answer my question…until the document was uploaded and I saw it was a refinance package for $75.00. A package that has to be printed twice.

I do not take signings that are more than 15mins from my home. But I have to consider my time, vehicle expense, and printing cost.

I must add, that while I was at the signing someone reached out and we had a conversation about my concerns after I left the customer.

Then you’ve been doing it wrong - clients are entitled to a copy of the entire loan package at time of signing - you’re also supposed to leave two copies of the Notice of Right to Cancel (if applicable) to all parties in interest - yes, two copies EACH.

Surprised you have gotten away for a year not giving copies…your initial fee quote and agreed upon fee should include everything, including mileage, travel time, table time, prep time, scanbacks, package drop…and yes, a copy of the package for the signers.

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I never said that the customers were not getting a copy…I am saying since COVID most companies that I signed for emailed the copy to the customer… because the customer also opted for that. I was not getting away with anything…that was not my decision to make. I follow the instruction that I am given by the title company. I am fully aware of the rule, regulations and requirements.

Okay, then I misunderstood your statement and I apologize

that’s okay…we are here to share and learn from each other. I learn a lot from this forum.

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What was the result of the conversation after the signing?

@inkmeup, lol the results of the conversation is that it is over 30 days and I am waiting to see if and when I would be paid. When I spoke with the person from C2C I was finished with the signing, I shared my concerns about the situation and the unprofessional manner in which it was handled, and what my questions were, it was respectful communication. I did not receive any feedback about what I did, so I am assuming everything’s good.