Companies NOT to work for List?

Does anyone have a list? I’ve got three questionable companies… Over 30 days and waiting for a payment. Over 60 days and waiting for a payment. Why are they even a Signing Company?

Coast 2 Coast… #1 LOW BALLERS, taking advantage of new signing agents and to top it off 30-45 days minimum to pay
Sunshine Signing… #2 because of their constant low offers and non-stop debt settlements notifications :roll_eyes:

I just finished a signing for coast 2 coast. What a nightmare! The fee was very low and something strange happened when I returned the docs. The rejected them because they say that my stamp was covering some of the words on the acknowledgement. I’ve never heard this before. I have done loan signings with 3 times the paper work and I have stamped them all the same. But now that my fee is less than half of what I normally get, all of a sudden its rejected. If that weren’t bad enough, they wanted me to back date the document. After I explained that I could lose my commission for back dating they made me re-sign. What a circus!

What a joke waiting 30-45 days for a $30 payment. Get this, I did a re-sign and they docked me $20 for a FedEx ship label-error. WHAT IS THAT! Now for being a good Samaritan, doing my best, to get the loan closed, traveling an additional 40 miles round trip, What do I get for my time? A WHOPPING $20.!!! I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes total because one of the borrowers was 91 years old and I had to basically read everything the first time around. I went to the location twice, and instead of a thank you, I get $20 less.
Do yourself a favor, don’t bother working for companies like this. Move on!

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