Company? (480)862-0456

Does anyone know who this number belongs to? I spoke to the man over the phone and he said he’s with Signing Agents but that did not add up to me because from what I remember its a platform. Can anyone provide me with any contact info for this person’s number? I have called already but he was being flat out rude and I would at least like to know his name and who he works with since they couldn’t even provide me with that.

That’s a number for Onesimus Strachan, owner of The Signing Agents LLC in Arizona.

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Thank you Linda.

He called me earlier today for a signing happening in my area and I confirmed. Unfortunately I didn’t realize I already had a signing for the same time so I called him back in less than 10 minutes to cancel and apologize but as soon as I told him I had to cancel his tone changed and asked “do you really have another appointment or you just don’t want to do it?” Umm, okay? I understand a situation like this has probably already happened to him but I don’t see any reason for him to respond like that. I’ve never worked with him but after looking up the company on NR and seeing the recent reviews I will steer clear of them.