Convenient Settlement Services LLC ,Cornelius, NC 28031

Has anyone worked for this company in the recent past. They sent me an email seeking notary for purchase buyer only transaction , quoting $85. I quoted back with $100 and they called me a few days later for a closing tmrw.
I told them I am wary of signing services and they seemed to understand my hesitation & speak nicely on phone to allay my fears and empathize with notaries who have been screwed.
The fee was at $100 as the seller was supposed to sign elsewhere. A few minutes later, they told me that the seller is also gonna be there they automatically increased my fee $125, (both buyer and seller.)
Its pretty much standard in NJ. They explained me their pay schedule is usually next month by 15th for all signings done in previous months. Not bad ! eh !! doing a closing for them by the end of the month and getting paid 15 days later.

Hmm… I am not saying that, it seems too good to be true, but i still have hope for humanity and decent people. Yet, It the case of us notaries caught in the situation of Fool me once , twice, thrice … and yet we seem to be willing to do out jobs. :slight_smile:

Well, if it’s a cash deal with no faxbacks, it’s a decent fee. However, if the Buyers are also Borrowers and there’s a loan package that ALSO needs signing…you got swindled.

I was asking for past experiences from other notaries with regarding to this signing service & You commented on an entirely different theme.
What state are you in and what do you consider are the normal. Every state differs. It would be highly helpful if you share some actual facts that may help the notaries level set the Playing field.

I think we should start a topic to discuss rates, specifics.

That would be price fixing, which would be illegal

However, I agree with Arichter - You are doing two transactions for $125.00 - two transactions are worth more than that. - Also, keep in mind you have to do them separately as each party is not entitled to be present for the other side’s signing.

With a loan, I would have accepted no less than $125 for the Buyer side and $75 for the Seller side (since no extra travel) - and remember you have faxbacks as it’s immediate funding…and do you have to wait for title to review to drop the package? Has the buyer wired funds or are you collecting funds? Or are you going to get stuck going to the bank with the buyer so he can get a cashier’s check or wire the funds (been there done that and it’s no fun) -

As to your direct question, the jury is out on this company - some have had good experiences with them, some have had to wait 90 days for payment. I,personally, have no experience with them.

I don’t know where u got that idea, that posting your rates is price fixing. Even so, if two notaries decided to do it individually, it’s well within their constitutional right there set their rates, and well within free market to accept it or not.