Cornerstone Signing Service, good, bad or ugly?

Looking for NSAs that have worked for this company recently. Please post your experience, including the type of closing conducted and if you’ve been paid. Thanks all!

Have worked with Cornerstone infrequently since 2005. No complaints; usually pays within 30 days. Doesn’t babysit.
Usually Seller packages.


Yup they’re very good to work for, on our Notary Reviews Client List they’re listed as a 5.

Where do you sign up with them or are they a Snapdocs ?

I don’t have them listed with any platform, so I believe its direct.

Much appreciated ! I will reach out and see what happens :smile:

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Do you have a website address for them? I can’t find one. Or an e-mail address for their scheduling dept.

Cornerstone is a notary who farms out work. No website. No volume. No SnapDocs… Not a lot of formalities. But pay is decent and usually around 30 days. I don’t think nationwide…kinda regional.


If you remember, Cornerstone is owned by Jim Coffey, former owner of Trans Star, sold out to Sunshine Signing; he went to work for Accountable Agents for bit.

Different Cornerstones. We may have some confusion as to which one is being discussed. I am referring to the one located in Searcy, AR.

Okay…my error - and my apologies to Jim Coffey - I’ll hush now :slight_smile:

I am a new Notary and my first assignment was by email and phone call that was conducted on June 19th 2020. I’ve contacted the yahoo email address repeatedly and have had no reply. I’ve also contacted the Title company who said they’ve been paid.

I have yet to be paid however. I’m bummed because this was my 3rd signing. Any Remedies for this?

MAY be this one:
The ‘call & e-mail’ & yahoo addy sounds like her SOP. Usually pays in about 30 days, but sometimes it’s more like 40ish.
See my & Linda H’s earlier posts in this thread as I’m not positive we’re talking about the same Cornerstone.

Yes, I believe that is her. The Title company called her Tracy and Hollie from the Title company gave me her number and its a Searcy number. Straight to voicemail and still no reply.

I have done 3 jobs for her 2 were less than 30 days ago, so the 2 payments are not due yet…However…
I have 1 payment that’s past due by almost a month! When she reached out to ask me to do these other jobs,
I told her the 1st payment was late and she assured me it was on its way soon and she would reach out to the title company and let them know I wasn’t paid, so I agreed to take the jobs…
From that point on, she just basically keeps telling me the check is in the mail. The first time I reached out, she said she was never paid from the title company, but would go ahead and pay me from her account (that was about 20 days ago)
I just reached out this week and told her if I don’t receive the check this week I will send the title company a late fee (I saved the title companie’s email address). She responded right away and said she paid me out of her own account, and I should expect it soon. I have a direct phone number that she responds to by text if anyone else is having issues. I definitely won’t accept any more jobs from her if these other 2 payments are late. So, my experience with her paying me has not been good. She sounded so great when she initially reached out by phone…disappointing…

Just got the check today. Yayyy! Just short of 30 days last due😏


Third (and final) job with this service!
The last job was done August 19th, 2021. The page numbers exceed what I agreed to when I accepted the job.
After I received docs (which was already a large package of approximately 200 pages, more than what was agreed upon), there were many more additional attachments to print out in a separate email and were all separate attachments! Huge inconvenience!

After all that, you guessed it…still no check, again, exactly 30 days past due as of today.
I have reached out and been told the mail is slow, bank returned payment because it was undeliverable (even though I still have the same address and have received 2 other payments successfully.)
I reached out today by text …now no response.

Conclusion, unless you feel like waiting until a random and undisclosed time to receive your check, I highly recommend not doing jobs for this company!
Two payments out of three, approximately 30 days late. One of the two late checks is still not received. This company is literally the only one I have had this many issues on receiving my pay.
Notary beware.

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Hi, Just checking to see if you ever got paid? I am offered a signing and I am reading the reviews.