Costs involved being a Remote Online Notary

Ohio legalized online notary services in September 2019. I am considering getting into that, but I was wondering how much would it cost me to do that and what would be the corresponding amount I should charge for my services to make it profitable? From what I know I would need to have a very significant amount of volume to offset any monthly license fees which could be steep. Does anyone know what industries outside mortgage loans a notary I should market to in RON? Thanks for any feedback. God Bless.

-Thomas Lowe

You should really check with your state as to the requirements…

I know in Florida we’d need to already be a notary, get 3-hours training (free through state I believe) obtain remote notary commission, $25,000 bond, $25,000 E&O, have a digital service provider already lined up (who I assume will charge a fee for the electronic/video portion)…I imagine a few hundred is involved here after all is said and done - for Florida

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I am wondering about the monthly/yearly access fee to the platforms that do the online stuff?

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Okay…I apologize - had you been that specific I would have responded accordingly. For you reference, just to get a ballpark, check with DocVerify - I believe they’re doing it - you can see what the monthly/yearly fee is going to cost you - yes you can shop around but you can at least get an idea.

As to this question - “what would be the corresponding amount I should charge for my services to make it profitable” Not sure about the law in Ohio but here we can charge $25 per online notarization; not sure if additional service charges can be assessed to cover equipment & other monthly charges.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, I live here in Va. Saw these post about Remote Notary. Thought I would chime in. I have recently been approved for enotary and remote notary. Using Docverify as the platform. Trying to get assistance, help, insight, general information appears to be very difficult. I tend to dive in when I shouldn’t but I did! I’ve gone on multiple sites for clarification…no help. The Docverify site is vague. Being a newbie at e notary and remote notary, I’m winging it! It cost me $320 for docverify, and that does not include the edition I need for Remote Notary, only e notary. I’m still lost on how the process, the whole process will go down. I still have to pay a monthly fee. At this moment I have not gotten any online business. Its been almost a month. At least I can cancel anytime with Docverify.
If anyone out there does Remote Notary- Please please give us some insight on the process of actually getting a Remote signing and how it goes? Where do you get your business from?

That $320, is that it or is there a monthly fee on top? Will this be a revolving cost and if so, how much will you be paid per signing and will the volume you get be sufficient to justify that expense?

$320 was a one time set up fee with Docverify. There will be a monthly fee to follow. Plus paying for your state to approve you. Plus paying for : Paypal, QuickBooks to receive your payments… and who knows what else…Not worth it, for me! I will continue to do the old fashion way until e-notary and remote take over.

Now that the coronavirus has gotten even worse, have you been asked to do any RON signings? I’d love to hear about how the whole notarization went, how long it took, payment info etc.