Courier bond?

Does anyone carry a bond for courier services? I have a title company that requires a bond, but I cannot find a company that offers courier bonds in my state. I don’t know if it is a legal requirement here.

Been in this business for over 30 years and have never heard of this, nor has anyone requested I get a ‘courier bond’. Some state–think it’s VA–does not allow notaries to handle actual funds of any sort.

I don’t yet know if I would be considered a courier in this situation. I may need to travel with docs for the title company (3 hrs. one way) then return with the signed docs the same day. I am in the process of getting compliance approval in order to work directly with this title company as a LSA.

WOW…That’s a whole day’s work! Hope pay (time + expenses) is adequate/PROFITABLE.


Right now, my day rate is $500 per day, with a weeks’ notice. I am trying to find a balance with that and possible travel (no printing) and/or fees per closing options…