Crazy printing instructions

I just received a package for tomorrow night. After reviewing the printing instructions, I am seriously considering withdrawing from the signing.

Here are the printing instructions:

Only print ONE set of the documents, borrower copy is INCLUDED.
(Borrower copy is not separated out, but as you are flipping through the package, you will see multiples of many of the documents, follow instructions below for borrower’s copy)

If there is only 1 copy of the doc, it is signed and returned to title.(No borrower copy of the document when there is only 1)
If there are 2 copies, 1 is signed and 1 is left with the signers.
If there are 3, 2 are signed and 1 is left.
If there are 4, 2 are signed and 2 are left.
If there are 5, 3 are signed and 2 are left.

(If it is easier for you to just print out two full sets of documents and sign a full set and leave a full set, that’s fine as well.)

I don’t want to do all of this extra work. Especially when I’m not getting paid extra. And, why should I print two full copies and waste my paper and toner?

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OMG classic craziness. I hate it when they do this to us. I would much rather just print another copy rather than flip through the package and take stuff out ugh :rofl: :upside_down_face: :melting_face:

Just curious…what is the page count of the document they sent? Am sure of only 1 thing…they didn’t pay enough for this nonsense.


I would find this easier than printing a second set. But I worked for title and mortgage for 10 years prior to doing this fulltime so flying through the papers is second nature to me. If we get the full sets back with the extra pages that should have been left with the signers we shred them before sending them back to the lenders. (If it’s a refi-my loan mod experience is below)

However that being said, I’ve had a few lately like this where these were the instructions and then they shipped the package to me (meanwhile I’m stressing on not receiving the package to be printed)- page flagged and highlighted out the wahoo- clearly showing notaries/signing agents were not doing what they listed. If you print two sets, just shred the excess that was signed and not needed, as it is a flag when its returned via PC with the pages that were instructed to stay. All this to say, if you don’t see mulitple orders with this type of requirement, I’d not volunteer. So far, I’ve only assisted the ones that I know are en route to another appointment and I NOW know to ask if I’m getting them shipped or if I can expect them to be sent electronically. Also- the pay isn’t high, and due to to the actual documents signed, it is quite a bit of work for the pay.

The total page count was 126 pages.

I ended up making a duplicate copy of the file. I added Title to the filename of the original and Borrower to the filename of the copy. I then used my PDF editor to delete the borrower docs on the original file and the title docs and notary pages on the copy. Thus, I ended up with two files to print; one for title and one for borrower. The total page count of both files is now 132.

It wasn’t as difficult as I had first imagined. But, it did take some time. But worth saving my paper and toner.

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I had one like that wasn’t 'bad.

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