Crinkle in paper when printing

I have an issue with crinkles in some of the papers that I print. I use the Brothers HL- 6180DWT.
I called Brothers and was told to check and make sure I wasn’t loading too much paper in the feed. Of course that is not the issue. After another call, they asked me to take out the toner and make sure there was no paper stuck which there wasn’t. Their conclusion was that I’m not using Brothers toner and that is the reason for my problem.
Has anyone experienced this type of problem and if so how did you resolve it?
Thanks for any help you can offer me.

Check the rollers? Or the parts that grip the paper to run it through? Usually that’s the problem.

I use HP so hard to tell - but I’d almost guarantee you got the dunce of the day of the phone - telling you it’s the toner…good grief.

Google it - “Brother HL 6180DWT paper creases”…

Good luck

Took the printer in for service and was told that a couple of things were wrong with it. They wanted over $300 to fix it or $200 for reconditioned product. I declined both as I can get a new printer for a little more than that.

So now it’s back to the drawing board. I am looking for a new printer.
Thanks LindaH for your suggestions.


Paper wrinkles are, actually, caused by using off brand toner. Off brand toner cartridges leak. Sad fact of life, but sorry - once the seal is broken to refill them, many off brands aren’t good at resealing. (I use V4Ink - out of the 3 or 4 I’ve tried, they have the best consistent quality.) Leaked toner builds up on your paper rollers as well as onto the edges of your drum. Hence crinkled paper.

Use an air blower and a soft rag, pull the drum and paper drawers, open the back, and clean out the printer every week. (You can find instructions on the Net). That will save you a lot in stress and money.

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If I may - 1 more suggestion from a Brother loyalist:

Find a better authorized repair center. And pay a little extra for a house call. That way, you won’t feel as if your printer is being held hostage unless you agree to some ridiculous repair cost. If your Brother printer did not tell you a part needed replacement, then the part probably did not need replacement.

I have this issue with an old Kyocera I use. I love how fast it is BUT it will crinkle papers now and then. Each time I go to print a few packages, I check the paper feed drawer. The adjustable edges sometimes move and I just push them ‘tight’ again. I never had the problem with creases again. Again, check the paper tray and make sure the guides are not moving due to vibration and use. Good luck.

Good reminder, khill!

Check “Paper Type” in options. Turns out that the roller tension is determined by paper type. If you have a heavier or different type of paper then regular all purpose printing paper it might pinch the paper tighter to draw it into the system. I had that problem with a Dell printer. Once I corrected the paper type it quite. Secondly, I think there is a roller tension setting.

I have the HL 6200 and it does the same thing. No answers yet.

Couple of things I do:

  • Make sure to jog the paper, and that guides in the paper tray are tight against the paper.
  • Make sure that the paper is feeding straight.
  • Make sure the paper is stored under constant & reasonable humidity (in high RH%, paper can swell, with uneven fiber swelling causing this particular problem)
  • Also, I use a UV flashlight to look inside printer for bits of paper blocking the path (most paper is bleached/UV dyed and glows under UV). Keeping a long hemostat/locking forceps to get stuck pieces out is not a bad idea.