Current Status for The Closing Group?

Haven’t gotten any signings from the closing group since April. it is connected with Notary café. does anybody know anything about them? I got a lot of SIGNINGS from them early on.

Business is way down, so everyone is looking at their bottom line and cuz few of us are really busy, they can try all the cheapies first. That’s my take, but reality is business is simply way down for everyone. It’ll get worse and take a long time getting better. And when they nationalize RON, we will be obsolete…like typewriters & dial phones.


One area that’s doing well for me are law firms. They still like the personal touch of an in person visit. Keep in mind some of these engagements are delicate and the firm’s clients need to be handled with care. The type of clients I encounter have often suffered a significant loss and you’re representing the legal team with litigation. It’s not the highest paying engagements, but it’s easy work.


I’ll be long gone before RON ever catchs on in my area, waay too many flip phones!

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